Make Clock and Date Using Notepad Text Editor

Notepad is a most important and generic text editor which included with all versions of Microsoft Windows. Notepad  allows you to open and read  plaintext files.By using Notepad you can make any interesting and important things on your windows that means your desktop or laptop which  containing any Microsoft's windows programs .Today i tech you How to make a clock using Notepad which provide you Date and Time.Now follow some step and do it.

Make Clock and Date By Notepad

Step 1: Firstly you click on your mouse's right button  in desktop. Then click new and by scrolling  click Text Document. 
Make a Clock by Notepad
Step 2: Now rename this Text Document with clock.txt Like bellow.
Make a Clock by Notepad
Step 3: Now open this Text Document by Double Clicking and paste bellow code.

@echo off
echo Date:%date%Time:%time%
goto start
Step 4: This step click Save As and rename the file with clock.bat  like bellow screenshot. Then click save button but remember one thing must you save there where you creating your Tex Document.
Make a Clock by Notepad
 Step 5: Now click on clock icon and you can see Time and date is showing.
Make a Clock by Notepad
Now you are done and successfully created Clock and date By notepad. Any problem please comment bellow. I will try to solve it. If like this don't forget to share in social media. Remember the word is if you share this with others you done for a good work to learn others.