How to Submit My Website to Alexa

How can I Submit My Website To Alexa? Yes, today I am gonna showing you how to Submit Your Site to Alexa. Alexa is the most popular and famous tool for check website ranking and Alexa ranking is the most important a valuable rank for all Website and Blogger Blog. If you are a website or blog owner you must need to improve your Alexa rank because it shows your blog performance to others and search engines. Even advertisers also check Alexa ranking to know about your blog traffic and page views. If they are looking your website performance is good in Alexa then they determine to buy an ad space on your blog. When your website reached under 100k in Alexa that's really good.For Improving your Alexa first you need to claim or submit your Blogger Blog or Website in Alexa. Submitting your site in Alexa is manually is the best way to improve Alexa ranking. So that we should submit our blog or website in Alexa.Now I am showing you how to Submit Your Site toAlexa.Let's see now I am Submit My Website To Alexa.
Alexa Verify

Submit Your Site to Alexa With Following Some Steps. 

Here is some step which you followed by submitting your website in Alexa.

Step 1:   Go to and create an account.

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Step 2:  Now Log In your Alexa Account and go to Alexa site owner page. This page looks like this image bellow. Now you put you site or blog URL and click on continue.

How to Verify Blogger Blog in Alexa
Step 3: Then you can see this picture like bellow. Now you Must click on second button.
How to Verify Blogger Blog in Alexa
Step 4: When you click on the second button you can see this picture like it.
How to Verify Website in Alexa
 Step 5: Now you should copy the Meta Tag and go to your site HTML. Then paste the code under <head> Tag. Now click save template then return back Alexa and click Verify my ID. Then you can see Verify notification like it.
How to Verify Website in Alexa

 Step 6: Now you are done.

Now if you want You can also be finished your site settings. For that, you can click this Icon then click Account Management Icon. Follow bellow screen shoot.
How to Verify Blogger Blog in Alexa

 Now you can see like this image bellow.Here first you should click site settings and second click edit site listing.
How to Verify Blogger Blog in Alexa

 After finishing this step now, you fill up all blank area and click Save Change. 

How to Verify Website in Alexa
Now you are successfully done all things in Alexa. Here I showed you how to submit my Website to Alexa easily. Now I am sure that you can do it also simply. I again said if you want to improve your Alexa ranking you must need to first submit your site in Alexa.  I think you can successfully do Verify Blogger Blog or Website in Alexa by following this tutorial. If you face any problem for doing it please comment here about your problem I will try to solve it. Don't forget to share this post on social media as like as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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