How to Find Relevant Blogs and Forums Using Search Engine

Relevant Blogs and Forums are the sources of any link building. Strong and good backlinks are important and essential for all the blogs. Without quality backlink, you will not be ranking your site on search engine. Any kind of blog depends on the search engine for visitors. If your blog post doesn't rank in the search engine you can't progress with your blog. For improving your blog you need to how to do this. SEO is the main factor for increasing your visitors and make well your blog's reputations.

Relevant Blogs and Forums are the most important technique of Off Page SEO. So, first of all, we need to find out relevant blogs and forums to create the quality backlink. In this post today I am gonna showing you how to find relevant blogs and forums without using any software or tools. After getting those ways if you will making strong backlink and site link from blogs and forums sites. You will be benefited to improving your site performance.

Most of the blogger don't know how to find same topic's blogs and forums. Sometimes they use paid tools and software to do that for their blog's Off Page SEO. Here I have given to all of you how to find relevant blogs and forums from google or others search engines.

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Procedure to Find Relevant Blogs and Forums

Find Relevant Blogs That Allow Comments

KEYWORDS "reply to post"
KEYWORDS "leave a comment"
KEYWORDS "leave comment"
KEYWORDS "powered by wordpress"

Find .edu and .gov Sites: Allows Comments

KEYWORDS "powered by wordpress"
KEYWORDS "leave a comment"
KEYWORDS "reply to post"

KEYWORDS "reply to post"
KEYWORDS "leave a comment"
KEYWORDS "powered by wordpress"

Find Relevant Forums

KEYWORDS "powered by smf " site:/forum
KEYWORDS "powered by vbulletin" inurl:/forum
KEYWORDS "powered by phpbb " inurl:/forum

KEYWORDS "powered by smf " inurl:/community
KEYWORDS "powered by vbulletin" inurl:/community
KEYWORDS "powered by phpbb " inurl:/community

Find .edu Forum For Relevant Topic

"powered by smf"
"powered by phpbb"
"powered by vblulletin"

Relevant Blogs That Allow keywords and Anchor Text

KEYWORDS "this site uses keyword lov "
KEYWORDS "this site uses comment lov "

The above google search engine tricks  can bring a lot of Relevant Blogs and Forums. Now you can search relevant blogs and forums from search engine and make strong and quality backlink for your blog's. If you still not getting your post on search engine's first page. Try this complete search engine optimization guide for the better result. Hope so you will do.

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