How To Get Free Likes On Instagram Hidden Tips

Instagram has monthly 700 Million active users that is why Instagram has become second in social media popularity in comparison to Facebook. Here I m going to give u information how to get free likes on Instagram. Instagram gives the best facility in the photo-and-video-sharing network of choice for users and brands alike.
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Every day more than 95 million photos and videos are uploaded by the users. These photos and videos garner 4.2 billion daily Instagram likes. Actually, Instagram is a brilliant way to share your favourite memories and moments with your friends, families and random followers. Follow these simple steps if you are not receiving as many likes as you want. You can buy real Instagram followers but if you follow these steps you will get free Instagram followers. Here are some best ways to get free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes.
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Steps How To Get Free Likes On Instagram

Using  Popular & Relevant Hashtags 

To find popular hashtags search in Google or Webstagram which are used to organise photos. Then you can use the relevant trending hashtags in your profile to gain more visibility for your photos by doing this an attraction will generate amongst your audience or followers in Instagram and also you will get free Instagram likes. For example the top Hashtags are #love, #instagood, #me; #like, #follow, #cute, #photooftheday, #tbt, #followme, and #tagsforlikes etc. Hashtags are an important asset to attract new followers.  Try to select one to three hashtags per photo instead of posting an entire paragraph of hashtags.

Share Unique Images People Can Relate To

The most popular Instagram accounts if you check you will see a common theme that is they are original, unique and personal. By sharing these types of photos, you are increasing and establishing a  connection with your audience which is the best way to get free Instagram followers in your account. always make sure that your Instagram account is original and authentic. Always try to share an image like behind the scenes photos of your office or company party photos by doing this way you will connect with your users and get free Instagram followers.

Posting At The Right Time

Whenever you post anything on to your Instagram profile always consider the time zone.  Because you have to notice the time when the audience checks your Instagram account. Most of the Instagram users highly engaged in Wednesday andThursday between 5 – 6 PM it is their favourite day and time. Regardless the majority of Instagram users log in their account when they have the extra time like in the morning, coming from their work or school or on Sundays. A photo only has four hours before it gets lost within the news feed, typically.  Try to post when you know that your majority followers have down times and have access to their account to prevent it. For examples, if u have strong follower professionals in Chicago then you have to post when people are their way to go home from work.Keeping in mind about the right time of posting can give you free Instagram followers and likes too.

Following Others:

If you follow others they will follow you back and it is a common and simple rule of all social media formats. So instead of uploading photos always try to follow others as possible. For this, you have to be active. Always try to find the users who share your interest and comments then you also like and share their photos.  Notice which follower have  Instagram stars then engage with them and ask them for a shout-out. You can even look for tags like#shoutout, #TagsForLikes, #ilovemyfollowers, and #follow. And remember it is the very simple way that the more you engage the more free Instagram follower and free Instagram likes you will get.

Contests are easy to create and get up and running. Take an amazing picture and add captions that inform people there’s a contest underway. Also, make sure you also use #contest to make your contest easy to find. And, make sure to share your contest on other social media sites, like Facebook.

Hosting  Contests

By hosting a contest is one of the most effective ways to gain new followers and new likes in your profile. However, Instagram is so popular nowadays in social media platform also a favourite platform in particular to run contests. Contests ar easy to create in Instagram like take an image-ing picture and add captions that inform people that there is a contest underway. keep in mind that all the audience or followers can easily find your contest. And make sure also to share it in your other social media platform like facebook. By following this step you can also gain free Instagram followers and free Instagram's likes.

Not Too Much but post Frequently, 

Keep in mind that once you attract new followers how can you keep their interest in your profile the easiest way is consistently posted relevant and attractive photos in your account. Usually a few photos per day I find for example if you have hundreds of images to share then share it on several days.  Too much post can make your audience bored and for this, your account won’t be attractive to them. So post but not too much if you follow this you will have free Instagram followers.

Using Filters and Apps 

Do you know the reason why Instagram is so unique and popular in the first place? The answer is Filters.  To personalise their images it gave the people a great chance.   When your image is original more people will like it and share it and follow your account. When they do like this then you will also get free Instagram followers and when they follow you will get more free Instagram likes. Since Instagram has20 filters which are included in its app so there is really no excuse for your photos to be filter –free. Before sharing on Instagram, on top of filters, you can also make the most out of the various photo-editing apps to touch-up your photos. 

These are the steps how to get free likes on Instagram and if you follow these ways you will also have free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes.

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