How Can I Clean My Computer With Run Commands - [Windows Tips]

Windows is the most usable and popular operation system now this time. As a windows user most often I need to computer clean up for speed up my computer. Hopefully, same there right? If you are positive with my lines then this post can help you better. In this post, I will share with you top actional run commands to clean your computer junk in windows operating systems. 

Sometimes I did fight with my computer for its slowness! you know? But when I start to use these run commands for clean my computer I perceive it's importance.  Now I am cool for working on my computer with the windows version operating system.
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Windows Run Command & Clean You Computer [User Guide]

Now just follow these commands and use these for clean your computer which is already using windows.

Run Command:

1. prefetch
2. temp
3. %temp%
4. recent
5. net
6. tree

How To Use These Command:

1. Press Ctrl+Windows button on your computer.
2. Copy any of command from above.
3. Then paste there and press enter.
4. Finally, you get a windows with huge Junk file then press Ctrl+A and press Delete Button.

Following this procedure use one by one command. After finished these you will comprehend the changes! By following this tutorial I clean my computer's junk and you can also.