Yes..! This post only for crazy gamer and games lover. A cool person when always curious about a new upcoming game. Then first he or she needs to know about the best games company in the world. Who produce best and richest games ever.

In this post, I will share with all of you an important knowledge is best richest gaming companies in the world. This post helps you to select the best games of best companies for play.
Best Gaming Companies, richest games companies.

Best Richest Gaming Companies

1. Mictosoft Studios 

2. Sony Computer Entertainment 

3. Activison Blizzard

4. Nintendo

5. Electronic 

6. Sega

7. Ubisoft 

8. Square Enix

9. Konami

10. Capcom

These are the best worthy best games company in the world. You can select any of them for new games which you like.