10 Best Android OS for PC Computers in 2022

 Android is one of the most popular operating systems in this world. Android operating systems are used in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches. Android operating systems are also used in many more electronic devices.

Best Android OS

Android operating systems are a stable and mature Operating System. and android operating systems are developed by Google. Did you know that you can install android operating systems on your computer or laptop? Today I will give you some android operating system that you can easily install on your computer.

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In this article, I will give you the 10 Best Android OS for PC Computers in 2020. And I will give a brief description of these.

Best Android OS For PC


BlueStacks is application software that when installed you will feel like you have an android phone on your computer. the bluestacks application is the most popular application software. Using bluestacks software you can easily use the android device from your computer. Basically, you can install any android application on your computer using this Bluestacks application. Bluestacks application gives you the best experience. 


PrimeOS is a great operating system for desktops and laptops. Using the PrimeOS application then you can download android applications on your computer or laptop. You can download and install PrimeOS operating systems to play your favorite android games on your computer. more than 370 million people using this PrimeOS operating system to installing their favorite android apps and games on their computer or laptop.

Chrome OS:

In a word, the Chrome operating system is great for people who spend a lot of time on the web. Chrome OS is a desktop operating system from Google. It allows you to use it much faster, easier, and more secure. you can download chrome operating systems and install chrome os on your Chromebook computers. if you want to install android apps on chrome operating systems then you need to install the google play store. 

Bliss OS-x86:

Bliss OS-x86 is one of the most popular operating systems for installing android systems on your computer, laptop. or tablet. You can easily install and run these bills operating systems on Windows / Linux PC, Chromebook, MacBook, or Tablet. Bills operating systems were released in 2016 and currently have a large number of users. the current version of bills operating systems is Android 9.0 Pie codebase. 

Phoenix OS:

phoenix operating systems supports both 32-bit and 64-bit computers and laptop. Phoenix’s operating systems have a number of features. The current version of the phoenix operating systems is Android 7.1 And this is a fairly new and stable version. There are two versions of Phoenix’s operating systems. if you want to install Phoenix OS on your computer or laptop Then your device must have 2gb storage. 


OpenThos is the most popular operating system. you can easily use OpenThos application for playing your favorite game on your computer or laptop. OpenThos operating systems are a great operating system. Using this application, then you can easily run many apps at once on your computer or laptop. OpenThos operating systems use the Android Lollipop kernel version. And you can use these operating systems only on 64-bit computers. 

Remix OS for PC:

Remix Operating systems are one of the most popular operating systems. If you are looking for a very good quality operating systems application then you can use remix operating systems. In a word, these operating systems are great because their features are very different from all other operating systems. the hardware required to install this operating system is pretty low but must have a 2 GHz processor, 2 GB ram.


Android-x86 is one of the most popular operating systems for Android devices. We need to use many apps on the computer but we can’t use it because we can’t find good operating systems. The Android-x86 operating systems have lots of features. including; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, multi-touch screen, and more features. The Android-x86 operating systems use the Linux kernel 4.19.15 version.


Koplayer is one of the most popular androids emulator application for installing android on your computer or laptop. koplayer operating systems have lots of features. However, koplayer operating systems designed especially for Android gamers and content creators. one of the most popular features of this koplayer operating system has a video capture feature. You can record your favorite videos directly from the emulated device’s screen. 


There are lots of operating systems online But not all operating systems work properly. If you are looking for good quality operating systems then you can use Genymotion operating systems. Genymotion operating systems you can easily install on your device. You can easily install Genymotion operating systems and use all your android apps. There are many versions of Genymotion operating systems. you can use Genymotion operating systems on your desktop or laptop.

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