10 Best Google New Features (2022) IN Google I/O

In 2018 Google I/O announced that Google brings some new innovation experience to people! According to all kind of people, Google is always cool also it’s products. Google new features in 2018 must a news incredible invention without any doubt as well. In this post, we just get started to learn what is Google I/O and Best Google New features or products for us.

Best Google New Features, New Innovation Of Google

What Is Google I/O

Google IO is a Google annual conference. This conference held by Google on Google’s official Mountain View, California with any kind of developer. In Google, I/O focused on new innovations like web building, mobile, and enterprise applications.

Best Google New Features

In Google, I/O recently Google released some best cool Google features for the next journey. Google CEO Sundar Pichai disclosed them. In this post, I will highlight the top 10 of them.

1. Google Assistant

2. New Voice 

3. Pretty Please 

4. Continued Conversation 

5. Google Maps – Augmented Reality

6. Gmail Smart Compose

7. Digital Wellbeing

8. Android P

9. Google Photos

10. Google News

These are the best google new features in This Year! Google always try to do extra for its company and peoples. These features are an unacceptable example of that! 

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