Add Adsense Ads Middle of First Two Post in Blogger Blog

Adsense Ad Place is the most important part for a Blogger or Website owner. When we use Add in our Blog or Website we want target point of view. Home page and post area are most common for it.You can see many blogger use Adsense Add in Home page after first post and before second one.Follow me now for manually inserting  Adsense Ad in the middle of first two post in Blogger is pretty simple.

setup Adsense Ads Middle of First Two Post

Step 1: First thing we need to do is encode the Adsense Ad code. For encoding you click Adsense Ad encoder. Then you encode your Ad code.

Step 2: Now Log into Blogger.

  • Click on Dropdown Menu and Select Template.
  • Backup  You Template Before Making Any Changes to Your Blog.
  • Now Click On Edit HTML.
  • Then Click into the HTML area and Press Ctrl+F.
  • Now Find The Code Shown Bellow.

<b:include data=’post’ name=’post’/>

Step 3:  When You find the code Then Paste bellow code just after it.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “index”‘><b:if cond=’data:post.isFirstPost’><div id=’ads1stpost’><center>Your Advertisement Code Here</center></div></b:if></b:if>

Step 4:  Now You should change your Adsense Code With the Green word Which you encoded.

Step 5: Now click On Save Template and you are done.

Now you can visit your site and you also look changes when you into your home page or label page you can see your ad in the middle of first two post which you setup now. 

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