All Shortcut Keys Of Computer: Help You Quickly Operating!

Shortcut Keys Of Computer is a common matter for a PC(Personal Computer) or professional computer user. If you are a programmer, a web developer or designer, a graphic designer, or a games lover you must need to know all shortcut keys of computer for making your work easier and faster. Shortcut keys of computer help you navigating and executing commands in computer software programs. This is the era of 2017 right? And now all of you smarter for every position ever in your word place. By saving basic computer shortcut keys in your brain, you can save your time for your any kind of work which you do by computer.

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A computer is a magical machine name of the world. Every section for working, doing, eating, enjoying, by one word I can say for everything we use it. Computer promotes our educational, agriculture and medical methods. So, using the computer and do any of them are quickly you must need to know all shortcut keys of computer. Now bellow list I will share with you a complete list of shortcut keys of the computer
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All Shortcut Keys Of Computer

Computer shortcut keys for Special Characters

Alt+0224 = à

Alt+0232 = è

Alt+0236 = ì

Alt+0242 = ò

Alt+0241 = ñ

Alt+0228 = ä

Alt+0246 = ö

Alt+0252 = ü

Alt+0248 = ø

Alt+0223 = ß

Alt+0198 = Æ

Alt+0231 = ç

Alt+0191 = ¿

Alt+0176 = ° (Degree)

Alt+0177 = ± (Plus/Minus)

Alt+0153 = ™

Alt+0169 = ©

Alt+0174 = ®

Alt+0128 = € (Euro Currency)

Alt+0162 = ¢ (Cent)

Alt+0163 = £ (British Pound)

Alt+0165 = ¥ (Japanese)

General Shortcuts

In general shortcuts, I included most common shortcuts that you will often use.

F1 [Display Help]

F2 [Rename The Selected Item]

F3 [Search File/Folder]

F4 [Display The Address Bar List In File Explorer]

F5 [Refresh The Active Window]

F10 [Active The Menu Bar In The Active Item]

Alt+F4 [Close The Active Window]

Alt+Enter [Display Properties For The Selected Item]

Alt+Spacebar [Open The Shortcut Menu For The Active Window]

Alt+Left Arrow [Back]

Alt+Right Arrow [Forword]

Alt+Page Up [Up One Screen]

Alt+Page Down [Down One Screen]

Alt+Tab [Switch Between Open Window of Soft]

Ctrl+F4 [Close Active Document or Window]

Alt+F4+Enter [Shout Down]

Ctrl+A [Select All Item In a Document]

Ctrl+C [Copy The Selected Item From Your Window]

Ctrl+Delete [Delete The Selected Item]

Ctrl+X [Cut The Selected Item]

Ctrl+Y [Redo]

Ctrl+z [Undo]

Esc [Stop or Leave The Current Task]

Windows Shortcut Keys of Computer

Win+F1 [Open Windows Help Tab]

Win [Dosplay/Hide The Start Screen]

Win+B [Focus On The Notification Area]

Win+C [Open Charms]

Win+D [Display and Hide The Desktop]

Win+E [Open File Explorer]

Win+F [Open Search Option In Anywhere]

Win+H [Open Share Option]

Win+I [Open The Setting Option]

Win+K [Open The Device Option]

Win+L [Lock Your PC]

Win+M [Minize All Window]

Win+O [Lock Device Orientation]

Win+R [Open Run Dialog Box]

Win+U [Open Access Center]

Win+(+/-) [Zoom In/ Zoom Out]

Win+Esc [Exit Magnifier]

File Explorer Shortcut Keys Of Computer

These Shortcut Keys Of Computer can be used to work with File Explorer’s windows or folders option.

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Alt+D = [Select The Address Bar]

Ctrl+E = [Select The Search Box]

Ctrl+F = [Select The Search Box]

Ctrl+N = [Open A New Window]

Ctrl+W = [Close The Current Window]

Ctrl+Mouse Scroll Wheel = [Change The Size Of File Folder Icon]

Ctrl+Shift+E = [Display All Folder Above The Selected Folder]

Ctrl+Shift+N = [Create A New Folder] 

Num Lock+ * = [Display All Subfolder Under The Selected Folder]

Num Lock+ (+) = [Display The Content Of The Selected Folder]

Num Lock+ (-) = [Collapse The Selected Folder]

Alt+P = [Display The Preview Option]

F11 = [Minimize or Maximize The Active Window]

These are the most common and all shortcut keys of computer. In the list of Shortcut Keys Of Computer above I try to include the most usable shortcuts which we use to operate a computer. If you have more don’t forget to share with us via comment or e-mail section. Expected that share this post in social media with you buddy.

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