Best Useful Notepad Plus Plus Keyboard Shortcuts List

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and it has the replacement that supports several languages. Notepad is written in C++ and use pure win32 API. Notepad plus plus is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions. Shortcuts are most important we know for quick command. Today in this post I am gonna showing you a big and easy list of Notepad Plus Plus Keyboard Shortcuts.

Actually, online has lots of coding software for users. Notepad in one of them but it is so easy and comfort as a text editor also. You can make the simple program or you can make a website easily using Notepad++. It also helps an online marketer or SEO researcher. It works nicely as like Adobe Dreamweaver also. I hope you enjoy Notepad++ as much as I enjoy coding it.

Notepad Plus Plus Keyboard Shortcuts, Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts

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Notepad Plus Plus Keyboard Shortcuts List

File Menu:

Ctrl+O = Open File

Ctrl+N = New File

Ctrl+S = Save File

Ctrl+Alt+S = Save As

Ctrl+Shift+S = Save All

Ctrl+P = Print 

Alt+F4 = Exit

Ctrl+Tab = Next Document (Also Show LIst Of Open File).

Ctrl+Shift+Tab = Previous Document (Also Show List Of Open File).

Ctrl+1 to 9 = Go to the n-th document on the tab bar, n between 1 and 9.

Ctrl+PgUp = Next Document.

Ctrl+PgDown = Previous Document.

Ctrl+W =  Close Current Document.

Edit Menu:

Ctrl+C = C0py

Ctrl+Insert = Copy

Ctrl+Shift+T = Copu Current Line To Clipbord.

Ctrl+X = Cut

Shift+Delete = Cut

Ctrl+V = Paste

Shift+Insert = Paste

Ctrl+Z = Undo

Alt+Backspace = Undo

Ctrl+Y = Redo

Ctrl+A = Select All

Alt+Shift+Arrow Keys, /Alt+Left Mouse Click = Colum Mode Select.

Ctrl+Left Mouse Click = Start New Selected Area.

Alt+C = Colum Editor

Ctrl+D = Duplicaet Current Line

Ctrl+T = Move The Current Line Position With The Previous Line Position.

Ctrl+L = Delete Current Line

Ctrl+I = Split Lines

Ctrl+J = Join Lines

Ctrl+G = Lunch GoToLine Dialog

Ctrl+Q = Single LIne Comment

Ctrl+Shift+Q = Single Line Uncomment

Ctrl+K = Toggle Single Line Comment

Ctrl+Shift+K = Block Comment

Tab = Insert Space

Shift+Tab = Remove Space

Ctrl+Backspace = Delete to start of the word.

Ctrl+Delete = Delete to end of the word.

Ctrl+Shift+Backspace = Delete to start of line.

Ctrl+Shift+Delete = Delete to end of line.

Ctrl+U = Convert to lower case.

Ctrl+Shift+U = Convert to uper case. 

Ctrl+B = Go To Matching Brace.

Ctrl+Space = Lunch CallTip ListBox.

Ctrl+Shift+Space = Lunch Funcition CallTip ListBox.

Ctrl+Alt+Space = Lunch Path Completion ListBox.

Ctrl+Enter = Lunch Word Completion ListBox.

Ctrl+Alt+R = Text Direction RTL.

Ctrl+Alt+L = Text Direction RTL.

Enter = Create a new line or split line download.

Shift+Enter = Split line download or create a new line.

Ctrl+Alt+Enter = SInsert new unindented line above current.

Ctrl+Alt+shift+Enter = SInsert new unindented line above current.


Ctrl+F = Lunch Find Option

Ctrl+H = Lunch Find/ Replace Dialog

F3 = Find Next

Shift+F3 = Find Previous

Ctrl+Shift+F = Find In Files

F7 = Switch To Search Result Window

Ctrl+Alt+F3 = Find(volatile) Next

Ctrl+ALt+Shift+F3 = Find(volatile) Previous

Ctrl+F3 = Select and Find Next

Ctrl+Shift+F3 = Select and Find Previous

F4 = Go to next found

Ctrl+F4 = Go to previous found

Ctrl+Shift+I = Incremental Search

Ctrl+N = Jump Down

Ctrl+Shift+N = Jump Up

Ctrl+F2 = Toggle Bookmark

F2 = Go to Next Bookmark

Shift+F2 = Go to Previous Bookmark

Ctrl+B = Go to Matching Brace 

Ctrl+Alt+B = Select All Between Matching Brace

View Menu:

Ctrl+Keypad = Restore the original size from zoom

F11 = Toggle Full Screen Mode

F12 = Toggle Post-It Mode

Ctrl+Alt+F = Collapse the current level

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F = Uncollapse the current level

Alt+O = Fold All

Alt+(1-8) = Collapse the level(1-8)

Alt+Shift+O = Unfold All

Alt+Shift+(1-8) = Uncollapse the level(1-8)

Macro Menu:

Ctrl+Shift+P = Play Recorded Macro

Ctrl+Shift+R = Start/Stop Recording Macro

Alt+Shift+A = Trim Tralling And Save

Run Menu: 

F5 = Lunch Run Dialog

Alt+F1 = Get PHP Help

Alt+F2 = Google Search

Alt+F3= Wikipedia Search

Alt+F5 = Open File(Name at cursor)

Alt+F6 = Open File In Another Option(Name at cursor)

Ctrl+Alt+shift+R = Open in Chrome

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X = Open in Firefox

Crtl+Alt+Shift+I = Open in IE

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F = Open in Safari

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O = Open in Outlook

These are the Most Useful Notepad Plus Plus Keyboard Shortcuts List above. Hopefully, you enjoy this post with this Notepad++ Shortcuts List. If have any suggestion or question don’t forget to inform me via the comment section. The last word is if you wish please share this post on social media like Facebook and Google Plus.

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