Best Business VPN Software for Work Tested by Our Experts

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a second network connection layer that runs through a different server to encrypt Internet data and traffic. A VPN protects your personal information, hides your IP address, and lets you avoid censorship, content limits, and website restrictions.

In the fast-paced digital landscape, where businesses constantly exchange sensitive information online, ensuring a secure and reliable network is paramount. This is where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) play a crucial role, especially for businesses looking to safeguard their data and maintain a robust online presence.

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What Makes a VPN Ideal for Business Use?

When it comes to business VPNs, certain features set them apart. Security, reliability, and scalability are key factors that businesses should consider. A VPN should not only encrypt data but also provide a reliable and scalable solution that can grow with the business.

Top Business VPN Providers

ExpressVPN: Securing Your Business Connections

ExpressVPN stands out as a top-tier VPN provider, offering robust security features and high-speed connections. Businesses can trust ExpressVPN to secure their online communications, thanks to its military-grade encryption and proven track record.

NordVPN: A Robust Solution for Business Security

NordVPN is renowned for its advanced security protocols and global server network. Businesses can benefit from NordVPN’s dedicated business solutions, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for their operations.

CyberGhost: Balancing Security and Usability

CyberGhost strikes the right balance between security and usability. With its user-friendly interface, businesses can deploy a VPN solution that doesn’t compromise on security while being accessible to employees at all levels.

VyprVPN: Tailored VPN Solutions for Business Needs

VyprVPN offers customized VPN solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. With a focus on security and customization options, VyprVPN ensures that businesses can create a VPN infrastructure that aligns with their specific requirements.

9 Best Business VPN Features

Choosing the best business VPN (Virtual Private Network) depends on various factors such as security features, performance, scalability, ease of use, and the specific needs of your organization. Here are some reputable business VPN services that are known for their reliability and robust features:

  1. ExpressVPN for Business:
    • Offers strong security protocols and encryption.
    • High-speed servers in numerous locations worldwide.
    • User-friendly interface and excellent customer support.
  2. NordVPN Teams:
    • Emphasizes advanced security features, including double VPN and onion over VPN.
    • Dedicated servers for business users.
    • Centralized management for easy control over access and permissions.
  3. Perimeter 81:
    • Cloud-based VPN service with a focus on simplicity and scalability.
    • Provides secure access to cloud resources and on-premises applications.
    • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) architecture for enhanced security.
  4. Cisco AnyConnect:
    • A widely used VPN solution for businesses.
    • Supports multi-factor authentication for added security.
    • Integrates with Cisco’s broader security ecosystem.
  5. CyberGhost for Business:
    • Strong emphasis on privacy and security.
    • Dedicated servers for business users.
    • Easy-to-use interface with a focus on user-friendly design.
  6. Hotspot Shield Business VPN:
    • Offers high-speed connections with a large server network.
    • Advanced security features, including malware protection.
    • Centralized management for access control.
  7. VyprVPN for Business:
    • Owns and operates its servers for increased security.
    • Chameleon protocol for bypassing VPN blocking.
    • Audited for no-logs policy.
  8. Windscribe for Business:
    • Strong security features, including a firewall and ad-blocker.
    • Offers a flexible and scalable business plan.
    • User-friendly interface with a focus on simplicity.
  9. Private Internet Access (PIA):
    • Known for its commitment to user privacy.
    • Large server network with strong encryption.
    • Allows for anonymous payment options.
  10. TunnelBear for Teams:
    • User-friendly VPN with a focus on simplicity.
    • Offers strong encryption and a no-logs policy.
    • Centralized management for teams.

Before choosing a business VPN, it’s essential to assess your organization’s specific needs, and consider factors like the number of users, locations, and the level of security required. Additionally, trial periods or free versions can help you evaluate the performance and compatibility of the VPN with your business environment before committing.

What Are Business VPNs?

Business VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are specialized networking solutions designed to provide secure and private communication over the Internet for businesses and organizations. The primary purpose of a business VPN is to create a secure and encrypted connection between the company’s network and remote users, branch offices, or partners, ensuring that sensitive data is transmitted safely over the internet.

Key features and functionalities of business VPNs include:

  1. Secure Data Transmission:
    • Business VPNs encrypt data to ensure that sensitive information, such as financial transactions, proprietary data, and communication, remains secure during transmission over the internet.
  2. Remote Access:
    • Employees working remotely or on the go can use a business VPN to securely connect to the company’s network, accessing files, applications, and resources as if they were physically in the office.
  3. Site-to-Site Connectivity:
    • Business VPNs facilitate secure connections between different office locations or branches, creating a virtual private network that allows seamless communication and resource sharing.
  4. Access Control:
    • Business VPNs often come with access control features, allowing administrators to manage and restrict user access based on roles, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access specific resources.
  5. Security Protocols:
    • They utilize various security protocols (e.g., OpenVPN, IPSec) to establish a secure tunnel for data transmission, protecting against eavesdropping and unauthorized access.
  6. Scalability:
    • Business VPNs are designed to scale with the growing needs of an organization, accommodating an increasing number of users and devices without compromising performance or security.
  7. Centralized Management:
    • Many business VPNs offer centralized management interfaces, allowing administrators to oversee and configure settings, monitor usage, and enforce security policies from a central location.
  8. Enhanced Privacy:
    • Business VPNs help maintain privacy by masking the user’s IP address and location, making it more challenging for third parties to track online activities.
  9. Integration with Security Solutions:
    • They often integrate with other security solutions, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems, to provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats.
  10. Compliance:
    • Business VPNs help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements by ensuring that data transmission and storage adhere to industry-specific standards and regulations.

Using a business VPN is crucial for safeguarding sensitive information, especially in a world where remote work and global collaborations are increasingly common. These networks play a vital role in maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business data across various digital environments.


There are several benefits of using an excellent VPN service for your business. If you want to keep your personal information secure and conduct international market research and business visits more efficiently, a virtual private network (VPN) may be the way to go.

Choosing a reliable VPN service is essential because a bad one can do more harm than a good one The tools in our list are from reliable companies that care about the security of users

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