How Do I Hide Or Delete Facebook Comments From Posts?

If you’ve ever had a Facebook post go viral, you know the comments start pouring in like crazy. Unfortunately, with increased engagement, you will receive more negativity and irrelevant comments. This is the type of Facebook comment you want to hide. There’s a fine line between censorship and protecting your brand from trolls and spammers, and it’s not always clear.

In this blog, you will learn how to hide Facebook comments both manually and automatically. We will discuss the impact of negative comments on Facebook.

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How Do I Hide Or Delete Facebook Comments From A Post On My Facebook Profile?

When you hide a comment from a post on your profile:

  • The comment will still be visible to the person who wrote it and their friends. This can help prevent more unwanted comments.
  • The comment will be hidden from everyone else that you choose to share it with (for example: Friends or the Public).
  • Replies to the comment will also be hidden. If you want to hide specific replies to a comment, you can select and hide each reply separately. If you only hide replies to a comment, the original comment will still be visible to everyone else that you chose to share it with.

Hide comments

To hide a comment and its replies from a post on your profile:

  • From your profile, go to the post that has a comment you want to hide.
  • Next to the comment you want to hide, hover over more then click Hide comment.

To unhide a comment and its replies from a post on your profile:

  • Go to the post that has a comment you want to unhide.
  • Go to the comment you want to unhide, then follow one of these options:
    • Below the comment, click Unhide.
    • Hover overmore, then click Unhide comment.

After you hide a comment, you can also report the comment if it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.

Delete Comments

When you delete a comment from a post on your profile, the comment will be removed from the post.

  • To delete a comment from a post on your profile:
  • Go to the post that has a comment you want to delete.
  • Click moreto the right of the comment you want to delete.
  • Select Delete.

You can block the profile or Page that made the comment by going directly to the profile or Page.

How to Hide A Facebook Comments Manually?

Steps to hide a Facebook comment manually

  1. Open Facebook App/Website
  2. Go to your profile > posts
  3. Scroll/Open the comment section
  4. Click on the three-dot menu
  5. You can hide the comment from drop-down

How Do Spam Comments Affect Facebook Post Performance?

Quantity vs. Quality: The Impact on Engagement

While a higher number of comments might initially seem like a positive metric, the truth lies in the quality of those interactions. Spam comments can artificially inflate engagement numbers, creating a deceptive facade. Authentic engagement, where users genuinely connect with the content, is the true measure of a post’s success.

Algorithmic Consequences

Facebook’s algorithms are designed to prioritize meaningful interactions. However, a surge in spam can trigger a negative response. Posts with a high proportion of spam may experience reduced visibility and reach, ultimately affecting the organic growth of a page or profile.

Negative Impact on User Experience

Beyond the algorithms, the crux of Facebook’s success lies in user experience. Spam comments disrupt the flow of meaningful conversations, deterring users from actively engaging with posts. This interference not only frustrates users but also diminishes the quality of the overall social media experience.

Trust Erosion

Trust is the cornerstone of any social media platform. Users engage with content based on the assumption that the interactions are genuine. Spam comments erode this trust, creating an atmosphere where authenticity becomes questionable, and users may become skeptical of the content they encounter.

Mitigation Strategies by Facebook

Acknowledging the gravity of the issue, Facebook has implemented various measures to combat spam. From automated filters to user reporting mechanisms, the platform actively works to maintain a clean and secure environment. Users, too, play a pivotal role in reporting and preventing spam comments.

The Role of AI in Spam Detection

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in identifying and mitigating spam. Facebook’s continuous investment in AI technology enhances the platform’s ability to detect and filter out spam, providing users with a more secure online space.

User Responsibility in Curbing Spam

While Facebook employs advanced technology, users are not mere bystanders. Empowering users to actively participate in keeping their posts spam-free fosters a collaborative approach to maintaining the integrity of the platform. Reporting mechanisms and user education are key components of this strategy.


If you run an online business, you must always receive feedback from your customers, be it positive or negative. Viewers will be skeptical if they only see positive comments.

There’s no need to hide all the negative comments you get on your Facebook posts. However, it’s important to identify negative comments that are genuine and helpful to your business versus those that have absolutely nothing to do with you or your business.

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