Difference of Web Design And Web Development

Nowadays web design and web development are more powerful and honourable career for the job market and IT farms. Actually, in this post, I am gonna briefing Difference of Web Design and web Development at a Glance. 

I highlighted bellow in the post body about some important and major topic about web design and web development. Such as Career, Job Description, Language, Personality, Salary, and Freelancing.

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Web Design VS Web Development 

Job Title: Web Design or Web Development 
If you wanna to make a career in website designing then it is called web design. On the other site, web development is a career where you can work for customising deep options of the website.

Web Designer and Developer Job Description
As a web designer, you should focus on look and feel of a website. On the other hand, web developer creates the inner workings of a website.

Web Design and Development Language 
For learning web design make you’re skilled with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Interested in web development then you should forward with PHP, NET, Python, C, and Ruby.

Web Designer and Developer Personality
Right-brain: Strong Intuition, Creativity and Imagination.

Left-brain: Logic, Linear Thinking and Technical.

Web Design vs Web Development Salaries
Web Design                          Web Development
$64,110                                      $70,120

Freelancing Option:
Both of they are can freelancing. Still now on the online marketplace make the high demand for a web designer and developer.

Hopefully, now you are clear about the difference of between web design or designer and web development or developer. If have any questions about this post don’t forget to ask me via comment. Share this with your buddy also in social media.

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