Fastest Way To Become A Software Developer Step By Step

Hi, there in this post I want to talk about a topic that has been coming up a lot. Recently a lot of my visitors have asked me how do you break into the software development profession. Even if you don’t have a computer science degree.

Okay, let’s say your academic background is in accounting or finance right or you graduated with a journalism degree or a history degree is it possible? for a student with that educational background to break into the software development career. And the answer is absolutely okay.


Just the number of jobs that are out there is there exploding okay there’s so much demand and not enough supply so in an environment like that it’s certainly possible as a matter of fact. My close friend a personal living example of someone that does not have a computer science degree but was able to acquire those skills after graduation. He graduated college almost 15 years ago with an accounting degree and with just three months of self-study he got a software development job.

And back then there were plenty of jobs but now trust me there are so many more jobs okay and so many more opportunities so many different areas to get into okay. SO, I’m gonna highlight some of this these things on the whiteboard and hopefully give you a good understanding of the overall landscape of IT and what you can do to break into the software development career.

So, let’s get started in my opinion. There are three major areas in IT. You can focus on these three steps. Its hard to focus on all three of there areas at the same time. So, let’s start for the first elephant in the room that obvious path and that is a software developer okay. 

Let’s write that here software dev and hopefully you can see this I know there’s a glare on the whiteboard. So excuse me I just have some overexposure from the light but software dev track, in my opinion, is a challenging track for someone that does not have a computer science degree. Because it requires you to know a couple of different programming languages. Maybe one or two the most popular ones are Java and Python another very popular one is PHP and then a candidate would also need to have some understanding of the overall landscape of Technology. Understand front-end, understand back-end so they need to know a little bit of HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript and maybe should some knowledge about databases concept.

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