How to Create a Gmail Account By Sign Up

What is Gmail ?

Sign Up Gmail1
 Gmail is a most popular e-mail service in the world. Gmail pronounced (Gee-mail), It’s a free Web-based e-mail service.It’s a Product of Google.  It’s enables  users to receive and send e-mail with the Internet. Gmail service launched on April , 2004. This service available for public on February 2007.

January 2012 Gmail has 350 million active users. 

The official gmail page found at:

Sign Up Gmail 

For using Gmail you must have a Gmail account. For this,firstly you should make a profile in gmail by Sign Up. Now you can sea how to Sign Up a Gmail account.
Step 1: Search gmail in your search box by using The URL ( Like this image bellow.
Step 2: Then open Gmail Sign In box, you click on the create an account.
How to Sign Up Gmail3


Step 3: Now open a dialog box you must fill up it.
How to Sign Up Gmail4
Step 4: You finish your task like this image bellow.
How to Sign Up Gmail5
Step 5: Then you should finish this step like the screenshot bellow.
How to Sign Up Gmail6
 Step 6: After this way click Continue to Gmail.
How to Sign Up Gmail7
Step 7: This is last step and then you can sea your profile now,Just look bellow.
How to Sign Up Gmail8
 Now you can use it for mailing and enjoy this service. Actually gmail is the largest number one email service system in all over the world now. As a google products it is the best I must say.

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