How to Delete History in Facebook With 5 Steps

Today i’m gonna show you how to Delete History from Facebook. When someone search anything in search engine tools like Google or social media as like as Facebook then its recorded by their bot on the same platform. It’s make easy our work for the next time cause of if we want to demand another time which we were searching in our Facebook or google we can find it so easily. Although this procedure collaboration us as a way to improve our search suggestion and recommended pages on Facebook but multiple users don’t want to save it their account. Because keep their account freshness and clear. That’s why they delete history from their account which they were searching in their account. Sometimes we saved our password in our browser for the next time login but in this time if anybody like my brother or friend  want to use my PC i fall in embarrassed situation. So that, We are not face this problem we should keep clean our facebook account. Let’s we know how to delete history for facebook search.Now i am showing you how to remove history from facebook search with 5 steps. 

Delete History from Facebook With 5 Steps 

Step 1: First of all Login your facebook profile and click on “View Activity Log”  on the right side like bellow.

Delete history, Delete facebook search history .
Step 2: Now you should click on the “More” option from the left side. Look at this 2nd image.
Delete history, Delete facebook search history.
Step 3: Now you can see more options in the left side you should must find out “Search” options like image 3.
Delete history, Delete facebook search history.
Step 4: When you finished your 3rd step you can find “Clear Searches” on the top right side and click on this, Look bellow.
Delete history, Delete facebook search history.

Step 5: This step is the last step, here you find out a top up ‘Clear Searches” like bellow and by clicking here you finished your 5th step and you are done by delete history from facebook.

 Delete History,  Delete facebook search history .

Hopefully, you must successfully done by follow this post about delete history from Faebook and it is so necessary for a professional or real Facebook user. I appreciate you as a blogger or professional user you must should it after facebook using. Have a nice day to all of you friend if you face any problem by doing it must inform me via comment and don’t forget for sharing this post on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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