How To Use Google Adsense Ads Txt File In Blogger Website

Google Adsense is the first Ad Network in the world to make money online with advertising. If you make an advertising website with content to make money online. Google Adsense is the first program can find your destination. AdSense sign in totally free, so that AdSense account is also free. Your website makes revenue with free advertising online with Google Adsense. When the Adsense team approve your proposal then you will able to show Adsense ad in your homepage and post body and turn your passion into profit!

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Google Adsense monetization is easier and profitable than others! With Adsense programs, you also can use digital advertising, social media advertising, internet advertising, product advertising, banner advertising, and others to earn extra money online.

Recently Adsense starts using the ads.txt file. This is a chance to make a good relation with published and advertiser for making good revenue and targeted results. Using Ads Txt publisher can sell their inventory improving clearness for programmatic buyers. Ads.txt for Authorized Digital Sellers and it’s a secure method which can use publisher and advertiser both of them. 

How To Use Ads.txt In Blogger Blog

Here in this post, I’m clearly a little bit about Adsense and Ads Txt methods. Now I will show you hot to use the ads.txt file in Blogger.

Rules 1: Firstly, Login your Blogger Dashboard and go to settings. Then search preferences, Click on Edit beside custom ads.txt under Monetization option. Follow the image below:
googel adsense ads txt setting blogger

Rules 2:  Now paste the box below code and follow the screenshot image., pub-7372333309139369, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Just change your Adsense publisher id with me.

googel adsense ads txt setting blogger

The click on the Save Change button and you are able to place Ads.txt file successfully in blogger blog. 

Now find your ads.txt file in the browser like below:

This setting is up! 

Here I don’t share all kind of detail about ads.txt but try to show the setting option which is the main part. If you have any question or face any problem with setting up Ads Txt file then ask me the problem through the comment section.

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