Lyft Acquires Startup To Tap Indian Talent

Lyft is the United States based ride-hailing company in San Francisco, California. It was launched in June 2012. It owns the software application, develops and operates it. It holds the second position in the ride-hailing service after Uber. Lyft actively furnishes their service to the passenger. They escalate their service more than three hundred cities in the United States. If we wish to take a ride in the Lyft, download the Lyft’s application in our smartphones. 

Lyft Acquired Startup To Tap Indian Talent

Operation of the ride-hailing company’s app

Create an account in it, enter a valid phone number and submit a valid form for payment link with Google Wallet, PayPal and an Apple Pay. The Patron can send the request to the nearby driver. Once the driver confirmed the ride the app will show us the driver’s name, rating information of the past riders, the photo of the driver and the car. 

The passengers and drivers can include some personal information in their profile like music, hometown, hobbies and other details to encourage the converse between the driver and the computer. At the end of the ride, the app asks the riders to rate the service of the driver from one star to five stars. Lyft allows the riders to encourage the driver by providing the tipping option in the app. The fare for the ride will display in the app when the rider exit the car. 

Agenda for drivers 

They hire the driver by following certain procedures. The department of the motor vehicle checks the personal background and sex offender registries in the United States. They should undergo to the personal interview conduct by the current Lyft drivers. The age of the driver should twenty-one or elder. They must hold the valid driver’s license more than one year. They should not under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving. 

Services of Lyft      

They also provide their service in many ways like Lyft Line, Lyft, Lyft Plus and Lyft Premier. Lyft Line is the cheapest ride option it matches the passengers with the other riders if they are going in the same direction. But it doesn’t available in all the cities. Lyft is the popular and basic option it matches the passenger with a nearby driver. Lyft matches the patron to the six-seater car. Lyft Premier matches commuters with the luxury car.

Driver’s Reward from passengers

Recently, Lyft got two hundred million dollars as tips from the passenger as the appreciation for their driver’s service. They celebrate this with their drivers. From the survey of the passengers, forty percent of the riders told that the friendliness of the drivers they like most from the service of the Lyft. Lyft also allows the riders to appreciate the drivers by providing the tipping option in the app. Lyft told that passengers value the drivers and they also encourage them through certain programs.

 They conduct Fuel Reward Program for the drivers and the passengers. Through this program, drivers could save from three cents to seven cents per gallons. They get more rewards as the ride gets increases. To get the fuel reward, create an account, the member ID will automatically send to our mail. The Fuel Reward Card also sent to the mail and swipes the card in the shell station or enters the member ID number. According to the ride, the drivers will get the reward per gallon. They could save few bucks through the Fuel Reward every day.    

Shuttle service

Lyft expands their service in the rush hours for the commuters. They named the service as “Shuttle” no pickup or drop-off at the doorsteps of the rider. This option matches the passengers at the same route. The riders should come to the predefined location to join with the shuttle. We should keep in our mind that it’s not a bus. It may be driver’s own car or lease car of the Lyft. The shuttle riders can avoid the prime amount at the peak hour. The riders who like to save money at the peak hour use this service but they have to walk to the fixed location of the routes. The shuttle service is available from 6.30 to 10 am and 4 to 8 pm on weekdays. It also has the idea to introduce a self-driving car in the cities within four years.

Features of Trial Answers app

Trail Answers app developed by the FinitePaths team, the users can post any question will be answered by the real people from a social network or from our neighbor area. It is a platform where the user could ask any question or answer the question other user asked. Answer questions from family and friends and help the neighborhood to get answers. Many categories available such as ask, answer, food, travel, fashion, technology, sports, shopping, health, entertainment, startups, read about kids and more.

Making use of Indians talent

Recently, Lyft has acquires Pune- based startup FinitePaths for an undisclosed amount. The founder of the FinitePaths Vinay Kakade and Balaji Raghavan will join the Lyft. Trail Answers, the app will be discontinued in the future. They shut down their sole product offer in the Google play store and Apple’s app store. Vinay and Balaji will work for the further expansion of the Lyft in the worldwide. Before joining Lyft, Balaji Raghavan spent a decade in Google building and scaling Gmail’s infrastructure. Then he became an Engineering Director Responsible for the Google app infrastructure. Vinay Kakade was the co-creator of AWS Cloud Search at Amazon. Then he went to build and launch AWS (Amazon Web Service) elastic search as a service before the founder of the FinitePaths. 

The ride-hailing companies tap the talent of Indians to solve its global technology problems. The spoke person of Lyft stated that they were very excited to Vinay and Balaji in their team. They have pervasive experience in building large infrastructure and services. We saw this experience as playing a critical role in helping them tackle some of the unique challenges in the Lyft. The details about the deals were disclosed and the whole team of the FinitePaths may transition to work with the Lyft but did not mention about the team.

The companies pay by cash model built out of India now available in southeast Asian markets. Other than Uber, its South-east Asian rival Grab recently announced that it would set a team of two hundred Engineers in Bengaluru to work on large payment technologies. It already hired Raghuram Trikutam the former VP of engineering at digital payment firm Freecharge, to guide the team in India. While India emerging as the talent hub for the ride-hailing companies, Grab announced it. At the same time, the Indonesians bike taxi service Go-Jek has acquired three Indian startups Pianta, C42 technologies and CodeIgnition to show their talent for the development centre in India. 


Lyft holds the successful position among the many ride-hailing companies in the United States. They providing service more than three hundred cities in America. The drivers stand as huge support through their services for this company.  Currently, they increase their service shuttle option in the rush hours. At that time, the riders can save the money by avoiding the prime charge. Hopefully, Lyft will have good future if the riders continuous their ride with them. Lyft has the idea to expand their service as an international service. So they tap the talent from India to build and solve critical infrastructure in the Lyft.

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