Reverse Image Search – Find Similar Images Online

A reverse image search is a powerful tool used to find similar images online. By using keywords, you can search for images that match the ones you are looking for. This can be especially helpful when you want to create an album or poster of your favorite photos.

Google Reverse Image Search for Mobile

The Google image search function is presently only accessible from desktop computers; it is not accessible from an iPad or a mobile device. So, if a buddy forwarded you an image on Facebook or WhatsApp that you’d like to verify, you’ll need to first download the picture to your computer before running a reverse image search.

Too much effort, surely?

You can easily reverse picture searches on Android and iPhone with Reverse Photos. Simply select an image from your cell phone’s photo collection by clicking the “Upload Image” button. When you click the “Show Matching Images” button, Google will send your photo to its database of images and display images that are visually similar to yours.

How to do Reverse Image Search on your Mobile Phone

Google Reverse Image Search makes it simple to find visually comparable photographs on the internet. When you upload a desktop image to Google Images, it will very immediately display relevant images that have been used on other websites along with various sizes of the same image.

What Is a Reverse Image Search used for?

Journalists can utilize the reverse search function to determine an image’s original source or to get a rough idea of when it was initially posted online. Photographers can find out which websites are utilizing their images without their consent by using the “search by picture” tool.

Throughout the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, propaganda tactics are prevalent. Reverse image search is being used by fans and practitioners of open-source intelligence (OSINT) on Twitter and Reddit to confirm the validity and source of viral photographs that could be exploited to spread false information.

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