Top 10 Best Laptop Brands In The World

Our current life has become much easier as a result of the development of information technology. A laptop is one of the unprecedented discoveries in science. A laptop is a device that is a small portable personal computer (PC) that has a “clamshell” form factor and usually, a thin LED or LCD computer screen or is inserted inside the upper lid icon and has an alphabet keyboard inside. In this post, I will discuss the details of the top 10 Best Laptop Brands In The World.

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The discovery of science has made our lives much more comfortable and easy. We can do all the work at home with the help of a computer or laptop. We can even do many more things at home, including office work, online classes, online shopping, if needed. However, laptops are more comfortable to use than computers. Because the laptop can be carried anywhere you want. So now the trend of using a laptop is seen more. There are varieties of laptop brands in the world. All brands are designed differently to take care of the needs of the consumer. 

A laptop is a kind of mini-computer that we can use sitting at our convenience. If you use a good brand of laptop, you can do many kinds of work. As there are many brands in the current market, whichever brand we go after in confusion will be better. In the past, the price of laptops was skyrocketing, so it was not possible for many to buy a laptop. But in the evolution of time, the price of a laptop is very affordable. But if you are a brand freak, you can buy a good brand laptop by adding some more value.

Top Laptop Brands 

There are many well-known expensive brands of laptops in the current world market. The best laptop brands listed considering the brand quality, functionality, style, fashion, and everything. Rankings are a general average of features, but you must consider the rankings of features before choosing any of them.


Undoubtedly, Apple is a luxurious and attractive brand for laptops, smartphones, tablets, music players, and computers. Apple has its own operating system that is a unique part of other brands and is pre-installed on all machines, including the MacBook Airs, iMacs, the latest MacBooks, and MacBook Pro. Apple is one of the leading laptops in almost every category including build quality, customer support, power, user-friendly design, and display. Beautiful with a backlit Apple logo on the back of their laptops, making it one of the best things to display. When it comes to the OS, it’s usually flawless, different from Windows, and marvelously easy to use.

HP (Hewlett Packard)

HP is the popular oldest electronic brand that provides the best quality reliable desktops widely used by professionals and gamers. As a laptop brand in terms of stability and performance, HP outperforms brands like Asus and Acer. HP laptops range in price from $200 to $2,000, ensuring that almost anyone can buy a device from HP. Most of their machines have great performance, hardware, display, and design. The laptops of this brand will give you the desired service and you will not be bothered to use them. 


Asus laptops are great known as budget-friendly compared to other brands and the reason behind this is probably the internal production of motherboards. Their Chromebooks and mini-laptops are popular for being the best affordable machines. Most of the hardware of this company is very top quality, including storage drives, HD displays, and of course their motherboards. The brand also manufactures other electronics such as tablets and smartphones. They also provide unbelievable rage gaming laptops for their ROG series and most gamers prefer Alienware machines and  ASUS ROG over MSI


If you’re looking for a prominent Windows laptop, you’d better consider Dell seriously. Their after-sales and technical support are commendable and admired by users worldwide. Most of the Dell laptops are budget-friendly and most of the hardware and designs are genuine and sturdy. Dell is the Windows laptop brand, for a variety of reasons like their support, fair price, durability, and professional design. Their laptop collections are plentiful and most of their notebooks include all the latest features including a touchscreen, powerful processor, backlit keyboard, and long-lasting battery.


The Taiwanese Acer laptop brand is well known as one of the biggest manufacturers in the world and the machines of this brand rank at the top among budget users. The quality of their Chromebook can also use an upgrade, as users admire this performance. It also provides a high-end CPU, battery life, portable systems, and others.  


Lenovo is a high-quality laptop brand, and its price is a bit higher than other craftsmen. In addition, their laptops provide for all kinds of work and can be used by anyone comprising professional gamers, college students, and business people. Lenovo has been producing electronics since 1984 and has a portfolio of laptops, desktops, smartphones, monitors, projectors, and tablets. 


Samsung is a very well-known and popular brand for smartphones, televisions, tablets, refrigerators, and air conditioners all over the world. But when it comes to laptops, this company does not have a large laptop customer base. Most of the users avoid using laptops due to bad classic design and battery life. But now they have made many new models of laptops using advanced technology.


Sony is a brand that provides unique and updated designer laptops. Their high functioning laptops have tremendous performance and efficient work ethic. They have some laptops that can be converted from tablets to notebooks. Users will not be bothered to use it and will get better service.


Microsoft is another established and famous computer brand known for its Microsoft Surface Book and flagship deviceMost of their laptops come with a good warranty, but upgrading can be a problem as it will void the warranty mentioned. When it comes to software, Microsoft is the most innovative brand with many necessary and helpful applications like Skype, MS Office, etc.


Toshiba laptops are popular for being all-motive laptops and a great selection for everyday use. It is one of the amazing budget-friendly laptop brands for users who need a basic machine for daily tasks such as browsing, watching movies, chatting, etc. This company’s laptop and other electronics are also given better service. 

We rank these brands according to their features, price, support, popularity, and allover quality of their machine. If you have any questions about this you can ask in the comments section.

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