Top 10 Daily Newspapers in the United States

A newspaper is one of the best parts of our daily life. The man is curious by nature. He is curious to learn what is happening around the world. A newspaper is a printed publication usually issued every day with a wide variety of news to meet our curiosity. Today I am gonna share with all of the top 10 best daily newspapers in the united states. Before it, we learn something about the invention of newspaper history.

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Somebody says that China was the first country to bring out newspapers while others say that Venice was the first to do so. There are many kinds of newspaper in this world you know. These are daily, weeklies, monthlies which are called the periodicals. Today in this post carry on the best 10 daily newspapers in the united states

The daily newspaper deal with literature, art, music, religion, films, games, sports and others.

The newspaper is a storehouse of knowledge. It supplies news and brings the whole world closer to us. this includes news which is mainly political and economic covering both national and internal affairs. 

United state is the best technological and world first country in the world. That’s why today in this list I included top 10 daily united states newspapers which are most popular in the whole world.

10 Daily Newspapers List In The United States(US/USA)

These are the top 10 Daily Newspapers in The United States of America. Don’t forget to share on social media. Coming soon new updates stay with us and enjoy technology and blogging.

Popular Top 10 US Daily Newspapers

Every morning is deserve a new sunrise for a beautiful day. As like In every morning is a new day for US people and they want to start their day with a cup of tea US and Daily Newspapers. Not only the US, every nation, and every educated intelligent person want this. In this part of the post, I will share Top 10 US Daily Newspapers and you can read them online.
1. The New York Times

2. The Wall Street Journal

3. New York Post

4. Chicago Tribune

5. East Bay Times

6. Los Angeles Times

7. Star Tribune

8. The Mercury News

9. Newsday

10. The Washington Post

These are the best top 10 daily US newspapers in the United States. In the next part, I will try to highlight 5o states newspapers in a list. Keep reading for next updates.

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