Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts For New Twitter Users

Twitter is the most popular sites around the world. Nowadays it used by a lot of people. After Facebook – Twitter is the most popular and famous social networking and microblogging sites all over the world. The Twitter web interface has become more popular for its features like twitter widgets and shortcuts. Actually, twitter has lots of features for a new twitter account and newbie twitter user. Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts is one of them also it become your twitter journey more comfort.

If you are a fresher at twitter account. Wanna to use this account professionally or personal use? Here are the best twitter shortcuts list for you people. Which will make your twitter more user-friendly and funny? A huge number of visitor is active on twitter. Every day they expect some new feature will come from twitter official web for making your journey comfortable. Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts is one of these.

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Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts Of New Twitter

1. Reply : r
2. Favorite : f
3. Retweet : t
4. Direct Message : m
5. New Tweet : n
6. Toggle Details Pane : enter
1. Next Tweet : j
2. Previous tweet : k
3. Page Down : space
4. Search : /
5. Refresh Tweet And Back To Top : .
1. Home : g h
2. Mentions/Replies : g r
3. Favorites : g f
4. Profile : g p
5. Messages : g m 
6. Go To User : g u
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That’s all. Those are all the shortcuts keys of twitter I knew. If I have forsake any Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts which you know. Don’t forget to share or inform me via comment. Also, share this post on social media, please. If you have any idea or question about this list ask me on the comment section.

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