How To Get Verified on TikTok Successful Application Tips

Are you looking for that extra edge to increase your credibility and gain recognition on the platform? Do you want to know how to get verified on TikTok?

If you want to get verified on TikTok, the application is the easy part. Making sure your request is approved will be a little trickier.

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This high engagement rate raises the bar of validation for creators like you who are interested in expanding their audience and making a big splash in the TikTok universe.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to walk you through the process of getting verified on TikTok. We will dive deep into the finer details, leaving no stone unturned.

What is TikTok Verification?

TikTok verification is a process by which TikTok confirms the authenticity of an account, indicating that it is the official account of a particular individual, brand, or entity. The verification badge is a blue checkmark that appears next to the account’s username, and it helps users distinguish between genuine accounts and potential impersonators.

Verification on TikTok is typically reserved for accounts that have a high likelihood of being impersonated or accounts that represent well-known individuals, celebrities, brands, or organizations. TikTok uses a set of criteria to determine eligibility for verification, such as account completeness, adherence to TikTok’s community guidelines, and the likelihood of being impersonated.

While verification adds a layer of authenticity to an account, it doesn’t necessarily endorse or verify the content shared by the account. It’s more about confirming the identity of the account owner. Users can apply for verification through the TikTok app, and the platform will review the request based on its criteria before granting or denying verification.

Why Should You Get Verified on TikTok?

Getting verified on TikTok comes with several benefits:

  1. Authenticity: The primary purpose of verification is to confirm the authenticity of an account. When users see the blue checkmark next to an account’s username, they can trust that the account actually belongs to the person, brand, or entity it claims to represent. This helps in reducing the likelihood of impersonation.
  2. Credibility: A verified badge adds credibility to your TikTok account. It signals to users that you are a legitimate and noteworthy figure in your industry, whether you’re a celebrity, influencer, brand, or organization. This can enhance your reputation and trustworthiness on the platform.
  3. Visibility: Verified accounts often receive more visibility on TikTok. The blue checkmark makes your account stand out, and users may be more inclined to follow or engage with a verified account over an unverified one. This increased visibility can be particularly beneficial for individuals or brands looking to grow their audience.
  4. Search and Discovery: Verified accounts are more likely to appear in search results and on the “For You” page, TikTok’s main feed where trending content is showcased. This increased visibility can expose your content to a larger audience, helping you reach new followers and potential fans.
  5. Brand Recognition: For businesses and brands, a verified badge on TikTok can contribute to overall brand recognition. It helps users easily identify and distinguish your official TikTok presence from potential imitations or parody accounts.
  6. Partnership Opportunities: Verified accounts may have an advantage when it comes to securing partnerships and collaborations. Brands and other users may be more willing to collaborate with verified accounts, as the verification badge adds an extra layer of assurance and professionalism.

How Many Followers Or Views Do You Need To Get Verified On TikTok?

TikTok doesn’t have specific public criteria, such as a minimum number of followers or views, that guarantee verification. The verification process on TikTok is somewhat selective and is not solely based on follower count or view numbers. Instead, TikTok considers a variety of factors when reviewing verification requests.

While having a substantial following and a high engagement rate can certainly increase your chances of getting verified, TikTok also looks at the authenticity of the account, the completeness of the profile, adherence to community guidelines, and the likelihood of being impersonated. This means that even accounts with a lower follower count may be considered for verification if they meet the other criteria.

If you believe your TikTok account is eligible for verification, you can apply for verification within the TikTok app. To do this, go to your profile, tap on the three dots in the top right corner to access settings, then select “Manage account,” and finally, choose “Verify my account.” Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your verification request.

It’s essential to note that the verification process and criteria may evolve over time, and TikTok has the discretion to grant or deny verification based on their assessment of an account’s eligibility.

How To Request Verification On TikTok

TikTok introduced the ability to request verification in November 2022, so you might not have this option yet. But if you do, getting the verification process started on TikTok is actually pretty straightforward.

  1. In the TikTok app, tap your Profile at the bottom-right corner, then tap the Menu Option at the top right.
  2. Tap Settings and Privacy.
  3. Then Tap Manage account, then tap Verification.
    ༚ If you’re registered as a Business Account, then you can only apply for Business Verification.
    ༚ If you’re registered as a Personal Account, then you can apply for Personal and Institutional Verifications.
  4. Follow the steps in the app to submit a verification request.

Once you’ve submitted your request, you’ll have to wait for TikTok’s team to review your application. It isn’t clear how long that wait may be. In some cases, it may take up to 30 days.

Benefits of TikTok Verification

Why bother with verification? Besides the prestige, a verified badge on TikTok brings tangible benefits. It enhances your credibility and trustworthiness, leading to increased visibility and reach on the platform. Users are more likely to engage with and follow verified accounts.

Preparing for Verification

Optimizing your TikTok profile is a crucial step in the verification journey. Ensure that your profile picture, bio, and other details accurately represent you or your brand. Comply with TikTok’s guidelines to avoid any hiccups during the verification process.

Creating High-Quality Content

The heart of TikTok lies in its content. Craft engaging and original videos that resonate with your audience. Embrace trends and challenges while adding your unique twist. Consistency in delivering high-quality content is key to attracting and retaining followers.

Building a Strong Follower Base

Verified accounts often have a substantial follower base. Grow your followers organically by implementing strategies like using relevant hashtags, collaborating with others, and engaging with your audience through comments and duets.

Collaborations and Engagements

Connect with other verified users for collaborations. Participate in TikTok challenges and trends to increase your visibility. The more you engage with the TikTok community, the higher your chances of getting noticed by the verification team.

Consistency Is Key

Posting regularly and maintaining a content schedule keeps your audience engaged. Ensure your content remains relevant and interesting to retain followers and attract new ones. Consistency builds trust and familiarity with your audience.

Interacting with Your Audience

Respond to comments and messages promptly. Host live sessions and Q&A sessions to connect with your audience on a personal level. Building a community around your content contributes to the overall appeal of your profile.

Utilizing TikTok Analytics

Take advantage of TikTok’s analytics tools to understand your audience better. Analyze the performance of your content and adjust your strategy accordingly. Data-driven decisions can significantly impact your journey toward verification.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Learn from the experiences of others by avoiding common pitfalls during the verification process. Being aware of potential mistakes can streamline your path to success.

Application Process Step-by-Step

Navigate the TikTok verification application with confidence. We’ll guide you through the steps and provide tips to enhance your chances of a successful verification.

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner to access settings.
  3. Select “Manage My Account” and then “Verify my Account.”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, providing necessary details and documentation.
  5. Submit your application and patiently await the outcome.

Patience and Perseverance

Getting verified on TikTok is not an overnight process. Be prepared to exercise patience and perseverance. Success may take time, but the journey is as valuable as the destination.

Success Stories

To inspire your verification journey, we’ve compiled success stories from individuals who successfully obtained the coveted TikTok verification badge. These stories showcase the diverse paths to success and provide motivation for your own pursuit.

5 Tips To Get Verified On TikTok

Certainly! Here are five valuable tips to increase your chances of getting verified on TikTok:

  1. Optimize Your Profile: Ensure that your TikTok profile is complete and accurately represents you or your brand. This includes a clear profile picture, a compelling bio, and any relevant links. A well-optimized profile increases your chances of standing out to the verification team.
  2. Create High-Quality, Original Content: TikTok values creativity and authenticity. Focus on producing high-quality, engaging content that showcases your unique style. Originality is key, so explore trends and challenges while adding your personal touch. Consistency in delivering top-notch content can attract attention from both users and the verification team.
  3. Build a Strong Follower Base: While there’s no specific follower requirement for verification, having a substantial and engaged audience can positively impact your application. Implement strategies to organically grow your followers, such as using relevant hashtags, collaborating with others, and actively engaging with your audience through comments and duets.
  4. Engage with the TikTok Community: Actively participate in the TikTok community by collaborating with other users, joining challenges, and responding to comments. Building connections within the platform not only enhances your visibility but also demonstrates your commitment to being an active and positive member of the TikTok community.
  5. Understand the Verification Criteria: Familiarize yourself with TikTok’s verification criteria, which include authenticity, uniqueness, activity, and adherence to community guidelines. Ensure that your account meets these criteria before applying for verification. Understanding what the verification team is looking for can significantly increase your chances of success.

Remember, the verification process on TikTok may take some time, so patience is key. Follow these tips, stay true to your style, and showcase the best of your content to increase your likelihood of receiving that coveted verification badge.


In conclusion, getting verified on TikTok is a journey worth undertaking. The benefits, both tangible and intangible, make it a goal worth pursuing. Follow the outlined tips, stay true to your unique style, and let the TikTok community recognize and celebrate your authenticity.

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