Best YouTube Features To Boost YouTube Engagement Rate

When you want to explore a new hobby or learn something new, where do you go? The answer is probably “YouTube”. And new YouTube features are making it even more useful for marketers and creators

When you do YouTube engagement right, you build an authentic relationship with your audience by creating content that inspires comments and shares.

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Views are great, but your YouTube engagement rate is the metric that matters. Getting 1,000 views and 100 comments is much better for your channel than getting 10,000 views and 1 comment.

What is YouTube’s Engagement Rate?

YouTube engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of audience interaction and involvement with the content on a YouTube channel. It is a crucial indicator of how well a channel is connecting with its audience and how engaging its videos are. The YouTube engagement rate takes into account various forms of user interaction, including likes, comments, shares, and subscribers gained, relative to the number of views.

The formula for calculating YouTube engagement rate is typically expressed as a percentage and is as follows:

Engagement Rate=(Total Engagements / Total Views)×100

Key components of YouTube engagement rate:

  1. Likes: The number of times viewers have clicked the thumbs-up icon to express their appreciation for a video.
  2. Comments: The number of user-generated comments on a video. Meaningful discussions in the comments section often indicate a higher level of engagement.
  3. Shares: The number of times viewers have shared a video on other platforms like social media, email, or messaging apps. Shares indicate that the content resonated with the audience to the extent that they want to share it with others.
  4. Subscribers Gained: The number of new subscribers a channel has gained as a result of a particular video. This metric is a strong indicator of content quality and audience appeal.

Free YouTube Features Tips and Tricks

1. YouTube Search Features:

YouTube, being the second-largest search engine globally, offers a range of powerful search features that go beyond simple keyword searches. Here are two noteworthy features that enhance the search experience on the platform:

a. Search YouTube Comments:

While the primary focus is often on video content, YouTube recognizes the value of audience engagement in the comments section. To search through comments:

  • Navigate to a Video: Go to the video of interest.
  • Access Comments: Scroll down to the comments section.
  • Use the Search Bar: Utilize the search bar within the comments section to find specific keywords or phrases.

This feature is invaluable for creators and viewers alike. Creators can gather feedback, address concerns, and engage with their audience more effectively. Viewers can navigate extensive comment sections to find discussions or information of interest.

b. Hashtag Searches:

Hashtags on YouTube function similarly to those on other social media platforms, providing a way to categorize and organize content. Here’s how to leverage hashtag searches:

  • Include Hashtags in Video Descriptions: Creators can include relevant hashtags in their video descriptions to categorize their content.
  • Clickable Hashtags: Clicking on a hashtag in the video description or comments section will take you to a search results page displaying videos that use the same hashtag.

This feature aids both creators and viewers in discovering content related to specific themes or trends. Creators can enhance the visibility of their videos, while viewers can explore a broader range of content tied to their interests.

2. YouTube Live Features: Enhancing Interaction and Moderation

YouTube Live is not only about real-time engagement but also about maintaining a positive and controlled environment. Here, we explore two key features—Live Chat Moderation and YouTube Premieres—that contribute to the overall live streaming experience.

a. Live Chat Moderation Features:


  • Message Filtering: YouTube Live offers options for filtering out specific words or phrases to prevent inappropriate content in the live chat.
  • Moderator Roles: Creators can assign moderators who have the authority to manage the live chat, remove comments, and ensure a positive community atmosphere.
  • User Timeouts and Bans: Moderators can temporarily timeout or permanently ban users who violate community guidelines.


  • Maintaining Positivity: Live chat moderation features help creators maintain a positive and respectful environment during live streams.
  • Safe Community: Viewers feel more comfortable engaging when they know that inappropriate behavior will be addressed promptly.

b. YouTube Premieres:


  • Scheduled Video Releases: YouTube Premieres allow creators to schedule and promote the release of a video, turning it into an event for viewers.
  • Live Chat Integration: A live chat accompanies the premiere, enabling real-time interaction between the audience and the creator.
  • Viewer Countdown: A countdown timer builds anticipation before the video premieres, creating a sense of excitement.


  • Event-Like Experience: Premieres transform video releases into events, encouraging viewers to join at the scheduled time for a shared experience.
  • Live Interaction: The live chat during premieres enables creators to engage with their audience in real-time, responding to comments and fostering a sense of community.
  • Increased Visibility: Premieres are highlighted on viewers’ homepages, potentially attracting more attention and increasing the video’s visibility.

3. Maximizing YouTube Studio Features for Content Creators

YouTube Studio is a comprehensive platform that empowers content creators to manage, analyze, and enhance their channels effectively. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of its features:

a. Video Analytics:

  • Traffic Sources: YouTube Studio provides insights into where your viewers are coming from—whether it’s from search, external websites, or other YouTube features.
  • Viewer Demographics: Understand the age, gender, and location of your audience, helping you tailor content to their preferences.
  • Watch Time and Engagement: Track watch time, likes, shares, and comments to gauge viewer engagement.


  • Content Optimization: Use analytics to identify popular content and understand your audience better, enabling you to optimize future videos.
  • Audience Targeting: Tailor your content strategy based on the demographics and preferences of your viewers.

b. Video Editor:


  • Trimming and Cutting: Edit your videos directly within YouTube Studio by trimming or cutting sections.
  • Adding End Screens and Cards: Enhance viewer engagement by adding end screens and cards to promote other videos or encourage subscriptions.


  • Quick Edits: Make necessary adjustments without external editing software, saving time and streamlining the content creation process.
  • Cross-Promotion: Utilize end screens and cards to keep viewers engaged with your content and channel.

c. Channel Dashboard:


  • Real-Time Stats: Access real-time performance metrics for your channel, offering instant insights into your channel’s health.
  • News and Updates: Stay informed about YouTube updates, news, and personalized recommendations to improve your channel.


  • Timely Adjustments: Respond quickly to changes in viewer behavior or YouTube algorithm updates based on real-time stats.
  • Proactive Optimization: Leverage personalized recommendations to proactively optimize your channel for better performance.

d. Playlists and Organization:


  • Playlist Creation: Easily create playlists to organize your videos thematically or chronologically.
  • Custom Thumbnails: Design custom thumbnails to make your videos visually appealing and distinctive.


  • Improved Discoverability: Organized playlists enhance the viewer experience and make it easier for viewers to discover related content.
  • Branding Consistency: Custom thumbnails contribute to a consistent brand image and attract more clicks from potential viewers.

e. Community Tab:


  • Posts and Updates: Use the Community tab to share updates, polls, and other engaging content directly with your audience.
  • Viewer Interactions: Encourage audience interactions through likes, comments, and shares.


  • Audience Connection: The Community tab fosters a sense of community by providing a space for direct communication between creators and viewers.
  • Feedback and Insights: Use polls and comments to gather valuable feedback and insights from your audience.

f. Monetization Tools:


  • Ad Revenue: Eligible creators can enable ads on their videos to generate revenue.
  • Channel Memberships: Offer channel memberships to subscribers, providing exclusive perks.


  • Monetization Opportunities: Monetize your content through ads and channel memberships, turning your passion into a potential revenue stream.
  • Audience Support: Channel memberships allow your audience to support you directly in exchange for exclusive content and perks.


In conclusion, leveraging the full spectrum of YouTube features is essential for content creators aiming to boost their engagement rates on the platform. The diverse array of tools provided by YouTube not only enhances the viewing experience for the audience but also allows creators to tailor their content to a wider audience.

Starting with attention-grabbing thumbnails and compelling titles, creators can pique the interest of potential viewers and entice them to click on their videos.

Crafting engaging and informative content is the cornerstone of a successful YouTube channel, and taking advantage of features like end screens and annotations can keep viewers hooked and encourage them to explore more content.

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