10 Best Video Downloader [Android Apk For 2022]

Best Video Downloader Android App is an apps-based system and the Google Play Store has the largest collection of apps for them. Most of the time most people want to download apps or apk from the google play store. But there are many great apps that can not be found there. To get these apps on your Android phone, you have to follow a process called “side loading”. We will explain the process later.

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To get started, you need to follow various rules and regulations to register an app on the Google Play Store. And often, it’s not possible for developers to comply with these rules while creating the best apps for the public. These apps are either banned from the Play Store or never listed.

Although YouTube allows giving an opportunity for its offline videos, the use of any third-party service to download videos from YouTube is contrary to their terms. 

Terms of Service of youtube state that you must not download any content That is why users of video downloader are needed Best video downloader for their android or other mobile devices.

Google does not support uploading YouTube videos directly to the gallery. In addition, there is no YouTube Video download app available on the Google Play Store because it violates YT’s basic strategy. But there are many third-party apps that help you download videos/audio (mp3) directly from YouTube to your Android phone’s memory. 

In this article, I’ve talked about some of the best video downloader Android apk for YouTube as well as many other sites audio/video downloads that can make it easy.

Downloading videos on the Android phone is no longer a problem, there are many free applications for downloading videos for Android, you can simply grab the link to the video.
Most of these video download applications are free, only a few are limited to Full HD resolution. 

If you have decent internet speed and bandwidth, you can get the most out of this apk. These will work not only with YouTube, but also with Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many others.

This article I shall provide you the latest updated list of the best APKs for movies and TV shows. APK or Android apps come in all shapes and sizes. Often, these applications are used to broadcast movies, TV shows, live broadcasts, and so on. 

Most of the APKs listed below can be installed on a jailbroken Firestick or any other favorite device. These are the best apps for streaming movies and TV shows and will remain constantly updated for your viewing pleasure.

But do not worry. To help you with all this, we decided to do something and created our own list of the best Android apps that are not available on the Google Play Store.

Without further ado, let’s go directly to the best free video download apps for Android 2020, are we going?
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Note: We do not endorse any of the following applications and are not affiliated with it in any form. Use the app for personal purposes.

So Here in this article, we have selected and listed out best apk video downloader.

10 Best Video Downloader

1. Vidmate Apk: Vidmate is one of the trendiest streamers and downloading apps via which you could both move any motion pictures, films or television indicates online without cost truly with entire HD high-quality, or additionally you may download it for playing offline. these days, in particular, surfing the internet has grown to be a trend and one of the favored activities for every youngsters or man or woman.

Vidmate Free Download For Android

Vidmate is one of the excellent entertainment programs that has been introduced for entertainment enthusiasts with the best nice of HD movies, television suggests and movies at no cost without any prices. the primary a part of this software is that it has the capacity to download limitless motion pictures and movies without any restrictions.

Vidmate Free Download App For PC

I’m here to tell you about the best amusement app and this is Vidmate.because it gives its user to download any kind of videos anywhere from the internet without facing any difficulties. Vidmate software is the artificial of YouTube apps due to the fact YouTube doesn’t offer any downloading options which might be most required for every man or woman to experience offline.

Vidmate app downloads give you most of the popular functions with easy features. This utility makes the customers experience like geeky monarch even as you download movies. 

You will be surprised when you see in one place everything you required is available here. Vidmate software is simply available free of charge, to download for your device. so any interested person can easily as well as rapidly download the apk and enjoy it. 

This software ate up a little storage of just simplest 3 MB, so ultimately for download and install this apk you need not uninstall or delete any of your program from your device

2. Popcorn Time Apk: Popcorn Time apk becomes a very popular apk for its movie and tv shows streaming facilities.   you can download the Popcorn Time APK from other places online because you can not get it in play store.  This apk is using more than millions.

There are a few things worth noting about how the Popcorn Time Android app works.  It’s pretty much the same as downloading the torrent file using a torrent client and playing the video using a media player.

Downloading almost any TV show or movie via a torrent is likely to be illegal in your region, due copyright infringement. If you’re not paying money for a movie that’s just been released, you’re effectively stealing it. Android Authority doesn’t condone such actions and urges you to proceed at your own risk.

Is there any risk of using popcorn apk?
As torrenting relies on peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing, your IP address can easily be discovered by any of the users to whom you are connected. This could be dozens, or even hundreds, of random people. Your ISP keeps a log of your activity too. Obvious privacy issues arise from this, it’s very easy for a whole host of people to snoop on you. 

The best prevention here is to steer away from services that may infringe the law, but if you really want to go down this path — just understand there are risks. The best way to hide your IP address is to connect to the internet via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

There are many other desirable attributes for a Popcorn Time APK VPN, like the ease of use, good customer support, strong encryption protocols, and having a high number of servers in many different locations.

it is using thousands of servers and fastest downloading speeds to make it more popular to its users It also has 24/7 customer support.

3. YT3 Youtube Downloader: It’s a very simple Android YouTube video downloader. You can download YouTube videos in both MP3 and MP4 formats. Here you get a preview button by which you can take a look before you start downloading.

It displays lyrics when you listen to music. You can also download low or high-quality videos. you can download videos and music only from youtube. You can also share a video from the Youtube app to the YT3 downloader to download it.

It has only two tabs: one to search for an artist or song you like and the other to show all your downloads. It is impossible to be confused with an application as easy to navigate.
After searching for and touching a specific video, you will have options. The first one is, if it’s a song, you can stream it directly while watching the lyrics. The second one is you can download the video itself or just audio, no matter the format. To download in yt3 you can just touch the button within seconds. 
Its simple interface and powerful features make it an exceptional application.     
4. Snaptube: Snaptube is one of the trusted video downloaders for Android. It has a user-friendly interface organized by popular sites, videos and popular categories. You can also search for Youtube directly from its search bar.
Snaptube also acts as a fast downloader of YouTube on Android, and you can choose the quality of the video before downloading it. You can also share uploaded videos on Facebook, Twitter, etc. from the application. 
Uploaded videos are automatically saved in your device’s memory. It’s important to note that YouTube downloads are limited in the United States and China.
This apk has search options named popular videos, most views videos, and daily recommendations, etc.
Navigation is as simple as clicking on a category or video or typing the name of the artist or song in the search bar. 
You can also choose to download only audio from this site. Recent updates also allow videos to be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.
5. InsTube: InsTube is a great YouTube downloader for Android. you can also download videos from other popular sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, etc by using this unique downloader. The application is reliable and offers a fast download speed.
There is an option to choose the quality of your tube videos in this apk.  You can even share YouTube videos from the YouTube app to InsTube. In addition, you may customize InsTube, you can add bookmarks and also create a private area to hide any video if you wish.
Process To Download:
  1. Enter online videos on Android with InsTube.

  2. Press the red download button and choose the quality of the video.
  3. Find the video you want to download and tap the desired video.
  4. Launch the app and visit the website of your choice.
you just tap on the button written fast download and very soon your desired video will be started downloading
The only drawback of the app is that you have to manage ads that are constantly showing up and there is no way to remove them.
6. NewPipe: NewPipe is the most viewed YouTube video downloader apk on our list. It is an open-source Android application that can be used to retrieve content. It should be noted that this lightweight download does not use any YouTube APIs or Google Play services.

NewPipe aims to provide a real experience to its users, without displaying annoying ads. The best thing about this apk is the background player that lets you play YouTube songs in the background when you use other apps.

Some of the notable features of NewPipe include:

  1. Search videos
  2. Watch, listen and download a YouTube video
  3. Open the video in Kodi
  4. Tor / Orbot, support 1080p / 2k / 4k available
  5. Subtitles, playlist, reading, historical support

Downloading is very simple and offers a fast download speed. It offers you different file formats and resolutions for downloading. In addition, the application guarantees data privacy because it does not save any user data or services that analyze your usage behavior. Other great features include channel subscriptions, video pop-up mode, 4K support, multiple themes, and more. It is light and free.

How to download YouTube videos on Android with NewPipe

  1. Install the application.

  2. Open the app and search for the video you want to download in the search bar.
  3. Click on the video of your choice from the search results.
  4. Tap the download button and select the quality and format of the file. You can also edit the file name.
  5. Click OK and your download link will be automatically generated.
You can download the NewPipe app from F-Droid. You can also download the application directly, but installing F-Droid will also allow you to get the updates.
Did you find this list of the best Android video downloaders helpful? 
7. Tubemet: TubeMate is an excellent application for downloading third-party Android videos. It has an elegant, easy-to-use interface, and you can download videos from multiple video sharing sites. It comes with a built-in browser where you can access the sites of your choice. 
TubeMate also gives you the option of choosing the quality and file format of the video before you download it. Uploaded videos are automatically stored in your phone’s memory. You can also download Youtube videos in MP3 format, but this requires an additional application to convert videos to MP3s. Overall, TubeMate is an excellent video downloader for Android, but you have to deal with many advertisements that keep popping up from time to time.
Download Videos with TubeMate:
  1. Then you can open the application and visit this site.
  2. Choose your desired video in the search results. TubeMate will ask you the quality of the video you want.
  3. After selecting the quality and resolution of the video, you can press the download button.
  4. You can also share videos on Tubemate from the YouTube app to view a download link.
YouTube Go is a perfectly legal way to download any type of YouTube video to your smartphone for offline viewing. This application is created by Google, so you can rest assured that it will not cause you unnecessary problems.
Unlike a typical YouTube app that only displays the download button on selected videos and invites you to subscribe to YouTube Premium for full access, YouTube Go is not bothered by such restrictions. In addition, it’s by far the best YouTube download app available in more than 130 countries; In case it is not available in your country. Then you can download and install apk in your phone
YouTube Go also lets you share high-quality videos without the Internet with other users. The only limitation of this application is that it does not allow you to recover videos from other services such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.
8. Videoder: Videoder is a powerful downloader of YouTube videos for Android. You can choose from different sites to download videos, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It allows the streaming and downloading of videos in all available formats. You can easily choose the quality you prefer and share the video from the app. you can customize this apk. 
It helps you with faster download speed and also offers different themes, night mode, integrated video player, etc. Videoder is not available on the Play Store, but you can download the application for free from its official website and install it on your phone. It does not have in-app purchases but contains ads. 
However, you can remove the ads if you purchase the Videoder Premium plug-in from Play Store. It all depends on your personal choice whether you are comfortable with the ads or whether you want to experience a cleaner experience.
Download YouTube videos on Android using Videoder:
  1. Open YouTube in the app.
  2. Search for the video.
  3. Tap the download button and select the download link that appears. You can choose the video format of your choice and also download the video in MP3 format.
Alternatively, you can share a video on the YouTube app with Videoder and the download link will appear.
9. Cinema APK: Cinema APK is an Android application that acts as a search engine to scrape hyperlinks and publicly available content on the internet. Although the HD Movies app is primarily for smartphones, users can also use the benefits and features of smartphones on their PC, laptop, and even Fire Stick.
Downloading Cinema APK is a simple and hassle-free process with a neat and user-friendly interface. With the growing popularity of video-on-demand (VOD) in the world, many applications like Cinema APK will soon see the light of day. This application can be used on multiple devices, such as smartphones, personal computers, laptops and Firestick devices.
Let us quickly scroll through the awesome features this app offers its users:
Cost: It does not charge you money at any time. Users can browse all content and watch videos without paying anything. So, some users also call it Cinema Free APK
Quality: This app brings you the best content from around the world and in HD quality. It selects and links content from different sources to ensure users have the best quality experience.
Easy access: This application is extremely user-friendly and offers a simple and clean interface. This makes it a very light application that does not slow down your smartphone. The clean and simple algorithm is also something that makes it popular among users.
Compatibility: This app is not limited to smartphones. Users can easily access all content via their desktop or laptop. In addition, it easily syncs with Amazon Fire Stick or Android Box TV, making this application truly compatible with multiple devices.
10. Morph TV: According to various sources, Morph TV V1.74 is the updated version of Morph TV V1.74. Good! The application, in fact, has a multitude of useful features to offer you an excellent video streaming experience. 
While Morph TV has been involved in serious buffering issues, users are not reporting the same thing for Morph TV APK. The download speed provided by Morph TV is quite fast compared to that provided by Morph TV. All content is available in high definition up to 1080p and even 4K. Even though Morph TV APK is a clone of Morph TV, it certainly offers better performance than its parents because users do not report any serious bugs so far with Morph TV APK. In this article, we will share with you the process of downloading and installing Morph TV APK on Android Mobile / Tablet. 
However, before that, you need to know the interesting features of Morph TV APK.
These are the best video downloader app for android users. let me know your opinion via the comment section. 

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