The Best DVR Surveillance Systems For Fleet Trucks

DVR simply stands for “digital video recorder” and they are commonly used in fleet surveillance. Over time, this technology has significantly evolved from recording blurred short footage to live 4K and UHD live streams.

If you are looking for a DVR surveillance solution for fleet trucks, choosing the best is now an option that you should consider. There are numerous solution providers that you can rely on if you can find them.

Best DVR Surveillance Systems

All Fleet Trucks Should Have a DVR System

This solution has significant importance to any fleet company that manages trucks for clients. These DVRs are installed as either dashcams or cabin cameras.
  • They monitor the behavior of the drivers – Cabin cameras need the consent of the drivers before they can sign a contract in some countries. Some claim that they infringe on the privacy of the drivers, which makes them uncomfortable when working. However, fleet managers can reduce cases of sleeping and using mobile phones while driving.
  • They are used for investigations – If there is an accident, abduction of the driver, or theft in the truck, the dashcam or cabin cameras can help to do investigations with the police or insurance companies.

Choosing the Best DVR Surveillance Solutions

Now that we have seen how important it is to have these DVR cameras in your fleet trucks,  you should know how to choose the best. If you visit Eyeride’s new URL, you will see some of the latest DVR surveillance systems and get to read about their features. Features are the primary factors that you will consider before the price.
  •  Live streaming – This is the current trend, and for a good reason. Fleet managers want to know what is happening on the ground at all times. Livestreaming is possible with the help of internet connectivity, which is also very easy these days.
  • GPS support – As you access the live stream, it is crucial that you know where it is happening. Modern DVR surveillance cameras have an integrated GPS system that allows them to sense the location where the recording is happening.
  • Recording quality – Always choose cameras that are clear so that all of the details can be captured. In fact, sophisticated cameras with face detection features can be a great help during any form of investigation. It is better to pay more and have excellent services from these cameras as needed.
  • Notifications – Depending on the model, there are a couple of notifications that you can get. After all, you cannot monitor the cameras all day. Event notifications are the best for this. This means that the camera must be smart to detect unusual events like an accident, break-in, or anything else.
  • Support – Sellers of these solutions are supposed to give the necessary support to all of their clients. Before buying a DVR camera, you might want to check the software they use and whether or not they give support and regular updates to their customers.

There might be other features to check for when you are buying DVR surveillance systems for your trucks. But if they have the above features, your truck surveillance will be on another level.

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