7 Killer Tips To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly

Wanna Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly? Follow these guidelines to make it quickly!

It’s a very important and essential for your website or Blogger Blog. By, Improve Alexa ranking you can take a good reputation on an online platform for your website. Alexa is a web information company by Amazon. Alexa also the most popular and essential toolbar on the web, that maintains the ranking data of a Website or Blogger blog according to the site’s performance. The daily more traffic and more page view are the possibilities of Improve Alexa Ranking.  


If you would like to enrich your Alexa Rank of your website. I share here some way to do it, with short-term results.


Improve Alexa Rank, Improve Alexa Rank Quickly


Way To Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

Open an Alexa Account: For Alexa improving you must need an Alexa account. It is the first thing. Cause if you haven’t an Alexa account you can’t submit your site in Alexa. You know, in the Alexa rank account setting you can define your targeting country which is most important for your blog. 

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Daily Content: You must need and try to publish at least 1/2 article per day for Improving Alexa Ranking Quickly and within a month you may start to see a big change in your website Alexa rank. It also helps you in carrying returning visitors to your site regularly.
Install Alexa Toolbar: From my own experience, I would recommend installing the Alexa toolbar. Cause when we access the website, Alexa will count this visit that we may get better results in the ranking. The Alexa Toolbar also provides you with the backlink of the website, popular pages, review and other important information. By using the toolbar, you can understand another site’s information about Alexa and Improve Alexa Rank. So, You should install the Alexa toolbar immediately on your web browser.
Alexa Widgets: Using  Alexa Widget you are notifying about the results of your Alexa ranking. They will also provide you with how many sites link your website has. There are two or three types of widget button with ranking and links. You should add it now, traffic widgets. You know ShoutmeLoud is one of the best blogs in India which also carries it.

Number Of Backlinks: Backlinks are more effective for Google page rank and Alexa rank. By making more and strong Backlinks, you can get a piece of good information from Alexa about your Alexa Ranking and Improve Alexa Ranking. You can get more site links and decrease your Alexa by submitting your site in High page rank sites and social bookmarking sites. By relevant and high PR blog commenting you can get so many backlinks and site links for your Blogger blog or Website. 
Social Media Sharing: Submitting your site to social media you can get a strong site link in which you help increase your Alexa rank. If you sharing your post on social media regularly you also get more visitors that help you for Improving Alexa Rank. You should share your site with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and so many.
Increase Your Traffic: Alexa bot like more traffic from different IP. When you can get more visitors to your website you must follow the Alexa ranking Decreasing like amazing. For more traffic, you should do on page SEO properly in your blog post and also carry on off-page SEO with social media marketing.
If you follow these step and apply your Blogger blog or website you must Improve Alexa Ranking. That’s 100% true, but never using wrong way for improving Alexa. If you use harmful way for decrease Alexa rank you are penalised by the search engine as like Google. Don’t forget this post to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

15 thoughts on “7 Killer Tips To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly”

  1. Hello Luthfar Rahman, I'm glad I found this article. How long do you think it would take for Alexa ranking to increase? My website http://www.syedusman.com has very low ranking and I'm struggling to bring its ranking hight.

    I shall do what you have told in the article and see the results in couple of months. Hope your list will work.

  2. Saed, i seen your site. It is awesome and i will give you garrulity if you follow my post A-Z. it will be work must and within a month you may start to see a big change in your website Alexa Ranking. Stay with us for more important post.


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