How Do You Make A Game Using Notepad

Do you make a games using notepad? Your answer is yes, right? Today I will show you how do you make a games using notepad. Notepad is a default text editor of windows. But it is more powerful for controlling our windows programs and make a new thing for play in on the screen. As a computer engineer, I like to make something new with notepad severally. That’s why today I gonna make for you a simple but interesting puzzle games.

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You just make and play this games with following and doing some easy steps. Ok, let’s move now we see this.

How do you make a game

For make game using notepad first you need to copy these codes from bellow:

@echo off
color E0
echo Hey Buddy! Welcome to the TECHNOTODAY game session!
echo 1)Start
echo 2)How to play
echo 3)Exit
set /p number=
if %number% == 1 goto startgame
if %number% == 2 goto help
if %number% == goto exit
echo type your name here:
set /p name=
echo Hello %name%
echo Do you want to start the game? (y/n)
set /p start=
if %start% == y goto level1
if %start% == n goto menu
goto startgame
echo press the number of the answer then hit enter.
echo go back? (y/n)
set /p menugoto=
if %menugoto% == y goto menu
if %menugoto% == n goto exit
goto help
goto exit
echo ok, Le us go for the puzzle!
 echo If marry’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Marry?
echo 1 Grandmother
echo 2 Mother
echo 3 Daughter
echo 4 Granddaughter
echo 5 I am Marry
set /p answer1=
if %answer1% == 1 goto wrong1
if %answer1% == 2 goto wrong1
if %answer1% == 3 goto correct1
if %answer1% == 4 goto wrong1
if %answer1% == 5 goto wrong1
goto level1
echo good job! you are right! Next Level?(y/n)
set /p NL1=
if %NL1% == y goto level2
if %NL1% == n goto menu
goto correct1
echo so sad! you are wrong buddy.Retry? (y/n)
set /p WA1=
if %WA1% == y goto level1
if %WA1% == n goto menu
goto wrong1
echo If you take 3 apples from a group of 5, how many do you have?
echo 1 2Apples
echo 2 5Apples
echo 3 4Apples
echo 4 3Apples
set /p aa=
if %aa% == 1 goto wrong2
if %aa% == 2 goto wrong2
if %aa% == 3 goto wrong2
if %aa% == 4 goto correct2
goto level2
echo Congratz! YOU WIN THE Game!
goto correct2
echo SORRY! You Lost!retry gmae? (y/n)
set /p retry=
if %retry% == y goto level1
if %retry% == n goto exit

Second: Now From your start menu open a notepad text editor file and paste the codes.
Third: Then Save Sa to Desktop with the .bat extension. As like games.bat . Now you are ready to play this games. Just click on the icon from the desktop where you save the file and enjoy the games and you are done.

How to play: Guide

Firstly when you double click on the games icon you have to see bellow options. 
Hey, Buddy! Welcome to the TECHNOTODAY game session!
2)How to play
_ _ _ _ _ _
These three options are 1)Start, 3)How to play and 3) Exit. If you wanna to run this games. Then write 1 and press enter.
Then type your name > for the next level write Y and press enter and enjoy the games.
For changing the title and colour you can edit some codes which I highlighted in the code area.
If you wish to edit backgrounds and text colour then these colour codes for you:
Color Codes:
 8 = Gray                 0 = Black       
 9 = Light Blue       1 = Blue         
 A = Light Green    2 = Green      
 B = Light Aqua      3 = Aqua       
 C = Light Red        4 = Red         
 D = Light Purple   5 = Purple     
 E = Light Yellow   6 = Yellow    
 F = Bright White   7 = White
For Example, if you input E0 colour. “E” is background colour and “o” is font colour. Which I displayed, you can change it with as your mind.
Hopefully, now you are clear to how do you make a game using notepad. IF have any question must ask me via the comment section. Share it on social media with your buddy who loves to play games and make programs like you.

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