How To Change Desktop Icon Size (Small Large Medium)

The desktop is the main view of our Windows Operating Systems. When we make a new partition or create a new operating system on our computer it makes our desktop default view. That time we need to arrange our icon as our mind to go after. After all settings, you should change the desktop icon size to make the user a better experience.

There are three types of Desktop Icon on computer Small Icons, Medium Icons, and Large Icons. Now the time to decide which part makes you comfortable for work on desktop or other programs on the computer.

Most of the time I like Smaller Icon on Desktop. Cause it looks like a good view and saves space on the desktop area.

So, here I’m going to showing you know how to make desktop icons smaller. If you follow this step you can choose medium or large also. It’s cool right, huh?

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How to Make Desktop Icons Smaller

It’s very simple to convert desktop icon to transform any of version small or others.

Step 1: First, right-click on the desktop screen via the mouse on a desktop pc or mousepad on a laptop.
change desktop icons, large, small, medium
Step 2: Then turn your mouse to the Icon option through the view Option.

You are done here! Now you can choose any of the versions to your mind. Here you can make your desktop icon small, large, or medium. 

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