How To Create Multiple Authors In Blogger

Wanna to add new users or authors in blogger? This is the right post for you to create multiple authors in blogger even how you can make them admin.

Security is the main issue for a website to keep it safe from others. You make sure it from Dashboard as a Blogger in Google Blogger platform. 

Sometimes here you need to add more authors to build a good relationship with others blogger by publishing content from another side. Even when you make an appointment for a new content writer to published regular post in your blogger site it needed.

Benefits To Add More Author In Blogger

  • It can help you to increase more author value with their own blogger profile.
  • You can join someone who wants to write on your blog willingly.
  • Constantly you increase your blog content from new users.
  • Your blog will know definitely to others blogger in online.
  • When more employee works on your site authors can manage everything from a single dashboard from different Gmail and passwords.
  • Your blog search from different regions when you make some trusted author in your blog site.

Author VS Admin In Blogger Site

  • Admin can make anybody author but authors can’t.
  • Authors would get benefits like admin but admin can access major parts on blogger.
  • Author has second controlling power but the admin can everything.
  • The admin is the owner of a site but the author is a writer of a site.
  • When you are an admin, you should add more authors but not an admin.

Now you are clear about why add more or multiple authors in blogger. Also, you have a clear knowledge about author and admin.

In the WordPress site, you can create easily an author profile using a single plugin. In blogger profile, it required manually.

Here in this post now I am sharing you some steps to create an author profile even how you can make them admin.

Step 1: First you have to go Blogger and Sing In it and go to the Dashboard.

Step 2: In the second part, you just turn your mouse on Basic  Below Settings Option.
create multiple authors in blogger, add author in blogger, add admin in blogger
Steps 3: Now click on Add Authors option from below the main user or admin profile like the image I shared.

Step 4: Input your email address(which Author you wants to add) in blank space. Now click on Invite Authors. After this process, Google sent a link in that person mailbox.

Step 5: When the person checks his mailbox and click on confirm link which sends from blogger admin panel. He will be an author of your blog from that time.

Now he can write a post on your blog by login you dashboard using his email and password! That’s fine and you are done.

Note: In case you make him admin he get all accessing power of your Dashboard even can make change your password and delete your blog also. So, here you be careful.

If you blog is partnership business then you can make your partner admin also, huh.

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