Run Command For PowerPoint Open In Windows

Wanna to know how to run PowerPoing from a command line? It’s a very tricky way to open it just pressing a command in command line. 

Even all Microsoft office applications are able to open directly from run command in windows, you know.

For run the PowerPoint you should use a command like others. The command for PowerOpen is powerpnt.

Let’s see the command screen here:

Run command for PowerPoint

In the second step I wanna to disclose you here you can also open a powerpoint ppt file from run prompt command by pressing the file path. The command for open ppt file with extension is powerpoint filepath. It’s work nicely for decide and run the file on screen.

Windows cann allow you to open your application based on the file extension. 

Command For Open PowerPoint File

Note: This command is only for windows user, not Mac or Others operating system user.

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