How To See Saved Passwords In Safari On Mac

The password is a significant word for the online world of technology. It keeps yourself safe in different kind of websites to secure your privacy or control panel.

For the blessing of technology, the internet has some tools which keep your passwords saved in their store. When you run your own default browser to browsing internet that tool helps you to log in your desire websites without reiteration your username or passwords. Cause it was saved by the tools.

Once in a while, you need to use another pc or browser for different causes, right? Then you need to input your id and passwords which stored in the default browser tools but you can’t remember to log in your ac!

If you have it then ok, otherwise you need to see saved passwords in your default browser.

The same cause face on the Mac Computer severalties. Safari is the main browser in Mac and it will be saved automatically when you browse the website or you want to save.

Here in this post, I will show you how can you see saved passwords in safari browser on mac.

So, let’s see the procedure to find reserved passwords in safari.

Step 1: First click on your safari browser icon on the screen in mac from the first left corner like below. Then go to Preferences.

See Saved Passwords In Safari Browser

Step 2: In the second portion you click on the password option on the screen. Then input your admin password of your PC below Safari Passwords Are Locked already highlighted.

Find Saved Passwords In Safari Browser

Finally, your page turns into your password page in Safari where you can find you all passwords stored. You can use any of them what you want.

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