Windows 10 Problems When Its Your Operating System (OMG)

Cons that don’t make windows 10 the best operating system, You know! Here you get the having windows 10 problems.

The initial release date of Windows 10 was in July of 2015, and it was believed to be an operating system that is up-to-date, full of innovations and continuous and necessary updates in order to create the highest value for the customers. 

Windows 10 was supposed to be the beginning and the first big step to even bigger innovations in the future of Windows. In case of being updated regularly, Windows 10 may remain the last major version of the operating system. 

However, it is important to note that the updates have to be completed on a continuous basis and with a good internet connection in order to avoid system complications. 

In case of having bad internet, you could opt for a mobile phone repeater, which boosts the signal and provides you with a stable connection. An easier and faster way to manage a mobile phone repeater is to look through the user-friendly mobile signal booster guide.

On the other hand, with all the new innovations and pros there are also some cons that don’t make Windows 10 the most perfect operating system.

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Windows 10 Problems

So, Let’s see Windows 10 Problems appearing below.

Windows 10 Problems You Face

1. Control Panel modernization issue

There is an issue related to the control panel since the Control Panel items have not been modernized and they are unavailable and there can also be issues related to searching the control panel items. 

Now, it is possible to search through using Cortana, however, this issue has been detected for languages that are not available for Cortana yet. 

2. Mandatory Updates

If you install windows 10, it essentially comes with its own regular updates that are mandatory and cannot be avoided. This is done in order to make sure that the electronic device that you are using has an up-to-date and secure operating system. 

This can be frustrating to some people since not everyone prefers to have all the software updates installed, however, you do get to choose when the updates are going to be installed. You can use the Windows 10 Guide and put the updates for the non-active hours so that it doesn’t bother you during your work time.

3. Getting Used To It

Not everyone has upgraded to Windows 10 and some organizations still operate on Windows XP or Windows 7 or any other operating system. 

This increases the vulnerability towards malware and other infectious programs. The issue here is that upgrading from any operating system (even Windows 8) will require some time because of many changes in the functionality. 

It will take some time to train the staff to be able to adapt to the operating system. However, it is worth a shot since Windows 10 is more secure and transparent.

4. Storage

When you choose to upgrade to Windows 10, it does not remove the old version of the Windows operating system that you had before. What it does instead is acquiring the name “windows.old” and gets preserved while overloading free disk space. 

This is done in order to help you get back to the old operating system in case you don’t like Windows 10. Of course, there is a solution to this, so you can go to the Disk Cleanup app and as the default C:/ drive appears where you can delete either the list of “Previous Windows Installations” or if that doesn’t appear you can opt for “Clean up System files”.

5. Too many notifications

In Windows 10, Action Center is the primary source of giving you notifications about everything that is going on in your electronic device and not only. 

It can also show notifications from a variety of apps and social media platforms that you use. Having these many notifications at once can clog up the notification panel and it seems to frustrate many people. 

A good way to control this is to go to the system’s “Notifications & Actions” where you can disable the notifications from the apps that you don’t like, or you can also remove the Windows tips as well.

These are the Windows 10 Problems!

Even if Windows 10 has shortcomings, some of them are solvable, and as much as there is a number of them, the pros are bigger and more important and that’s what makes Windows 10 worthy of a try.

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